Thursday, August 29, 2019

Space.... the final frontier in a galaxy far far away there was... Esper Genesis

Ok, so my DMing is switching gears slightly.  I have been introduced to what could mainly be called..  5E  in space!

A game came out a while ago, and I'm just getting into it.  Esper Genesis.  It's D&D, but in space.  so I thought I'd give it a try.  I'm a Sci-Fi nut, so I can bring my vast knowledge of sci-fi tropes into the game.  I am going to not do the standard galaxy that they have for the game, but rather, an amalgam of a lot of different sci-fi ideas.  I'll be pulling from Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, and others to name a few.

It ought to be fun.  First game is this weekend where we create characters and the players, if they succeed, get their ship, a dilapidated YT-1300.

You can find more info, and the FREE stuff they give you here:

Esper Genisis Free goodies and stuff!!

Monday, August 19, 2019

My Wings of Glory Planes

19 Caquot Brown Balloon
19 Caquot M Yellow Balloon
19 Nieuport 16 124E Escadrille Lafayette
19 Nieuport 16 62E Escadrille
07A Spad XIII Baracca
07B Spad XIII Fonk
07C Spad XIII Rickenbaker
07D Sopwith Camel Barker
07E Sopwith Camel Elwood
07F Sopwith Camel Olieslager
07G Albatros D.VA Udet
07H Albatros D.VA Weber
07I Albatros D.VA Jentsch
07I Fokker DR I Rahn
07J Fokker DR I Von Richtoften
07K Fokker DR I Kempf
08A Fokker D.VII Goering
08B Fokker D.VII Schafer
08C Fokker D.VII Udet
08D Sopwith Snipe Barker
08E Sopwith Snipe Baker
08F Sopwith Snipe Ryrie
08G LFG Roland C.II Von Richtoften
08H LFG Roland C.II Seibert & Pleger
08I LFG Roland C.II Luftstreitskrafte
08J De Havilland Dh 4 Cadbury & leckie
08K De Havilland Dh 4 American Exp Force
08L De Havilland Dh 4 Atkey
101B Spad XIII Coadou
101C Spad XIII Madon
101E Spad XIII Chavannes
102C Sopwith Camel Stackard
102D Sopwith Camel KissenBerth
102E Sopwith Camel Maclaren
103B Albatros D.VA Von Hippel
103C Albatros D.VA Jacobs
103E Albatros D.V  Von Richtoften
104A Fokker DR I Von Richtoften
104B Fokker DR I Kirschstein
104C Fokker DR I Lothar Von Richtoften
104E Fokker DR I Baumer
105A Fokker E.III Immelmann
105B Fokker E.III Hautzmayer
105C Fokker E.III Buddecke
106A Halberstadt D.III Camouflage
106B Halberstadt D.III Keudell
106C Halberstadt D.III Luftstreitskrafte
107A Morane-Saulnier Type N Navarra
107B Morane-Saulnier Type N Gilbert
107C Morane-Saulnier Type N Chaput
108A Airco DH 2 Saundby
108B Airco DH 2 Hawker
108C Airco DH 2 Andrews
109A Hanriot HD.1 Coppens
109B Hanriot HD.1 Fucini
109C Hanriot HD.1 Scaroni
110A Aviatik D.I Linke-Crawford
110B Aviatik D.I Sabeditsch
110C Aviatik D.I Turek
111A Sopwith Triplane Collishaw
111B Sopwith Triplane Dallas
111C Sopwith Triplane Little
112A Siemeins-Schuckert D.III Lange
112B Siemeins-Schuckert D.III Veltjens
112C Siemeins-Schuckert D.III Von Beaulieu-Marconnay
113A Spad S.VII Guynemer
113B Spad S.VII Soubiran
113C Spad S.VII 23rd Squadron
114A Albatros D.II Szepessy-Sokoll
114B Albatros D.II Von Richtoften
114C Albatros D.II Boelcke
115B Fokker D.VII Sachsenberg
115C Fokker D.VII Stark
116B Sopwith Snipe Kazakov
116C Sopwith Snipe Sapozhnikov
117A Nieuport 17 Baracca
117C Nieuport 17 Thaw / Lufbery
118A Albatros D.III Frommherz
118B Albatros D.III Gruber
118C Albatros D.III Von Richtoften
119A Fokker E.V Lowenhardt
119B Fokker E.V Osterkamp
119C Fokker E.V Sharon
120A Nieuport NI.28 Hartney
120A Nieuport NI.28 Hartney
120B Nieuport NI.28 O'Neill
120C Nieuport NI.28 Rickenbaker
121A Phonix D I Lang 
121B Phonix D I Urban
121C Phonix D I Gruber
122A Nieuport 11 Chaput
122B Nieuport 11 De Turenne
122C Nieuport 11 Ancillotto
125A Nieuport 16 Ball
13A Nieuport 17 Lufbery / Thenault
13B Nieuport 17 Nungesser
13C Nieuport 23 Kibanov
13D Albatros D.III Brumowski
13E Albatros D.III Hautzmayer
13F Albatros D.III Voss
13G UFAG C.I Flick 23/D
13H UFAG C.I Luftahrtruppen 1
13I UFAG C.I Luftahrtruppen 2
13J R.A.F. RE8 Longton & Carson
13K R.A.F. RE8 Ferguson & Fry
13L R.A.F. RE8 Aviation Militaire
201A Bristol F.2B Fighter Harvey & Waight
201B Bristol F.2B Fighter Arkell & Stagg
201C Bristol F.2B Fighter Headlam & Beaton
202B Halberstadt CL.II Schlachtstaffel 23B
202C Halberstadt CL.II Neimann & Kolodzici
203B LFG Roland C.II Luftstreitskrafte
203C LFG Roland C.IIA FFA 292B
204A Airco DH.4 50 Squadron
204B Airco DH.4 Cotton & Betts
204C Airco DH.4 Bartlett & Naylor
205A UFAG C.I 161 - 37
205B UFAG C.I Flik 62/S
205C UFAG C.I 161 - 138
206A R.A.F. RE8 30 Squadron
206B R.A.F. RE8 Marsh & Mackay Dempster
206C R.A.F. RE8 59 Squadron
208A Hannover CL.IIIA Hager & Weber
208B Hannover CL.IIIA Baur & Von Hengl
208C Hannover CL.IIIA Luftstreitskrafte
209A Sopwith 1/2 Strutter Costes & Astor
209B Sopwith 1/2 Strutter Collinshaw & Portsmouth
209C Sopwith 1/2 Comic 78 Squadron
210A Albatros C III Bohme & Ladermacher
210B Albatros C III Meinecke
210C Albatros C III Luftstreitskrafte
23A R.A.F SE5A Bishop
23B R.A.F SE5A Dallas
23C R.A.F. SE5A Boudwin
23D Phalz D.III Houn
23E Phalz D.III Klein
23F2 Phalz D.IIIA Holtzem
23G Breguet BR 14 B2 De Greffer & Marshelle
23H Breguet BR 14 B2 Griebil & Carron
23I Breguet BR 14 B2 Browning & Duke
23I Rumpler C IV C 8012 / 17
23J Rumpler C IV C MFFA 2
23K Rumpler C IV C 8267 / 17
301A Caproni CA.3 Buttini
301B Caproni CA.3 CEP 115
301C Caproni CA.3 Taramelli
301D Caproni CA.3 La Guardia
302A Gotha G.V Aschoff
302B Gotha G.V Von Jorff
303A Handley Page 0/400 RAF
303B Handley Page 0/400 RNAS
304A Zeppelin Staaken R.VI Schoeller
304B Zeppelin Staaken R.VI Schilling
Deluxe Set Albatros D.VA Baumer
Deluxe Set Sopwith Camel Brown   
Deluxe Set Spad XIII Luke
T & T Nieuport 16 Navarre

Monday, July 1, 2019

It has been many years, but I have finally had the time to look back into my maps for wings of glory.  I am looking to see if there is any interest in this maps till.  I have posted on FB and the Wings Areodrome forums.  Perchance there might be?

Let's fly the friendly skies with The LingSter!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

1 1/2 years in the making...

     It has been a really long time since I last updated.  Life has changed so much since my last update.  New games came out, new planes for Wings of Glory, new D&D projects to work on.  On a personal note, my home life has changed.  My wife passed after a 5 year struggle with ALS.  one of, if not the worst disease to ever be.  I now am alone with my son trying to live life to it's fullest.   Things have changed around the world.  What was once acceptable isn't anymore.  Blogs might even be a thing of the past, now with more and more people taking to twitch and youtube to give their thoughts. 

     On a side note, I have been working on restarting my campaign world of Valla Moor.  This time with a new group of people.  We are not at the level of Matt mercer and his Critical Role group.  But we all can strive to be better DMs because of his influence.  As a DM, I've always enjoyed putting together adventures and plotting the demise of my players, only to have the well laid plans of a villain be thwarted and the villain stopped. 

To anyone out there still reading blogs and actually reading this one, I say to you...  Roll for Initiative Monkey Boy!

Monday, June 26, 2017

It's been a long while, but here I am...

My wife continues to suffer with ALS, and I continue to have no time for anything because of the extreme help she needs daily.  BUT I still have a small amount of time to get in on Kickstarter stuff!!

Zombicide Green Horde

Hurry, just a little over ONE DAY LEFT!!  This is just what you get, there are a LOT of optional buys that are well worth the money...

Friday, September 2, 2016

Long time, still kicking...

Things hav been slow at my house.  My wife is in advanced stages of ALS, which forces me to not be able to break away to work on the wings of war map.  I really want to get it out to you guys and girls.

BUT, since I can take super short breaks, I have started to build a game based on the Halo Megablok figures...

they are cool minis and fun to play with for my 6yr old.

anyway, here are the sample faction boards so far.  

There are 4 factions.  there will be cards for each mini, and for each type of weapon.  I will have to post the rules later.

Monday, June 6, 2016


The unboxing of black plague...

Missing the two special guest boxes I bought.

Awesome weapon...