Sunday, July 28, 2013

A blast from the past and LARPing...

Yes, my wife was digging through some old pictures.  She came across the following image of my PARPing days.

I was known then as Sir John of Ling.   Lost Prince to a throne that had long been taken from the family.   With my Elvin companion and protector, Hank of the Hollow Way, he walked the country side, battling all manner of beasts.   We attempted to make a name for me so that one day, I could return and take the throne back into it's rightful place.

Flash forward to today, 20 years later.  I still have the sword I used back then, the great sword too.  I have my throwing daggers too.  Tunic, cape, and yes, even the Plate Armor.   The armor was actually real steel plates.  Made from some duct work that a building was throwing out.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

We be Goblins....

Ok, so my adventure has taken a turn into the swampy Marsh Woods.  I wanted to have some encounters there that were perfect for a swamp.   Well, I found the perfect race for the swamp.

Pathfinder came out with their version of a Goblin.  it's a different look than the WOTC goblin, so therefore I really can't mix-n-match them.  BUT, I decided to call the pathfinder version.... Swamp Goblins.  this because of their rounded heads and large toothy mouths.  Here is what one looks like:

They kinda remind me of Spike from the Gremlins movie.

So, here is my goblin tribe, ready to interact with the party.  But will it be friendly, or will it be hostile...  I guess it depends on who swings first...  if there is provocation, or not...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Space Battleship Yamato 2199

I know it has nothing to do with gaming, but this is one of my childhood favorite cartoons.  It was made in Japan, but released in the US as "Star Blazers".   It's considered by most to be the Japanese's Star Trek.  They even made a live action movie back in 2010 that I've yet to find reasonably.  Well...  they have remade the cartoon.  it's very faithful to the original and then some.  it's pretty F'n awesome!  Go look for it...  you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Herb found in the woods.

Ok, it wasn't Herb Alpert found in the woods... but a little tiny plant that seems to have mystical properties of healing, that if worked properly can actually save a life.  cure an illness.  heal an injury.  or if the right one found... kill you.

In my campaign world, I have augmented the notion that there is little to no good clerics in the world.  Since it's run by Hextor, healers really are not something commonplace.   So that's where herbs come in play.

I have a list, which you can find here.

This list shows you that you can find all sorts of different herbs.  the chance of finding them, and the dosage of each herb, depending on the roll you make, and the skill level you have.

DM rolls on Table 1 and/or table 2.  he adds in the characters herbalism skill (knowledge and profession) to adjust the number rolled up.  Knowledge skill counts as 1 per rank.  Profession is doubled.  so, if he has 5 ranks in knowledge, it's +5 to the die roll.  If he's got 8 ranks in profession herbalist, then he gets +16 to the roll.  Playes choice on if he wants Plus or minus.
Once he gets a level of herb, he then rolls the D for # of the herb potentially found.  For every 5 ranks in either skill, the DM can adjust this roll up or down 1.
Then the player rolls his search DC.  Herbalism profession or knowledge needed, and synergy from search to provide an extra +2.   If the character has both profession and knowledge herbalism with at least 5 ranks in each, he gets a +2 to this roll.
Once found, the player needs to rest and create the items.  Specific times are also listed for how long it takes to make them.
Once the player creates the item, he rolls his create DC  (synergy with alchemy and healing impart a +2 synergy each for every 5 levels of those skills.
If a failure, then all is wasted.  If he succeeds, the DM rolls how many doses he created.  If the character has both profession and knowledge herbalism with at least 5 ranks in each, he gets a +2 to this roll.
 If each is at least 10 ranks, then he gets a +2 to the max dosage.
IE:  dosage is 1d4 normally.  With 5 ranks of each, he gets a +2 to the roll, with a max of 4 possible.    With 10 ranks, he gets +2 to the roll of 1d4+2, so he can possibly get 6 dosages.

I know this seems rather convoluted, but it does seem to work.  I suppose you could always just go with the random, DM's choice award and just pick yourself which one he gets and how much.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Adventure on the high seas!

Yep, the party finally got back together after several months of other commitments forcing the group to not play D&D...

We skip ahead where the party was thrown in jail for the burning down of a small town, one that they last visited for adventures.  They eventually found out that they didn't do it.  it was their companion.... Richard.

Yes, THAT Richard.

I included him a while back as a bit of comedy relief for the group.  Turns out, he's quite fun.  Well, he sent the group on thier next quest.  the "Quest for the Jade Skull"...  He said that and waited with dramatic pause for the music to play.  He repeated the statement and waited again.  He pulled a character to the side and said it a third time, this time he made the music himself...  "Dun. Dun. Duuuuuuunnnnn...."

It's rumored to be a skull made entierly of Green Jade.  it's large and in the Decaying Mountains.  Well, the party has to get three, get the skull and come back.  Too bad it's full of poison clouds and Acid rain.

Well the group had to travel the high seas to get there.  Ok, actually, just travel on a boat across the river to a port to get there.  but the port is about 200 miles away and would take two days to get there.   You can Ask the fighter if he's got his sea legs... and if he likes water.  AND if he'll wear his full plate armor while travelling by boat.

Oh and bar fights are always fun.  Ask the fighter about that too.  Crit mug to the HEAD!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bringing the fear into Zombicide

While Zombicide is all fun and what not, there isn't much of a fear factor.  "Sonic Bunny" over on the Board Game Geek Forums (BBGF) came up with this awesome idea for the game.

When spawning zombies for any reason, instead of placing physical models down, only place the spawn cards on the board. Each zombie turn move the cards as if they were walkers. Do not reveal the type and number of zombies until a survivor can draw line of sight to the spawn card. When any survivor gains line of sight on a spawn card, reveal it and place zombies as usual for the CURRENT experience level (blue, yellow, orange or red)

Sounds pretty cool... and you don't know what's coming until you get to them.  This can be applied to zombies inside of buildings as well as the ones on the street.