Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Random Zombicide Survivors

Been playing Zombicide?  Want a better way to randomly pick your survivor crew?  Then I have a solution for you!

Artscow has a deck of cards for Zombicide.  They are playing card sized so that you can shuffle them and randomly pick what you want.  

Dean from Boardgame geek forums created them.  tehy are awesomely nice.  My team I randomly picked is above.  Set aside is the 21 survivors I don't have yet.  19 of those will be coming in a couple months, thanks to season 2 KS.  the other two are Ivy and Claudia.   This particular set does not have Kyoko either, since I'll be getting Uncle Honk.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Another Kickstarter to go in on with Zombies?


It's a kickstarter from England for zombie miniatures.  it also comes with fortifications, and survivors.

the kicker here is really the survivors.

Who wouldn't want a mini that looks like Daryl, and one that looks like Rick?   For that alone, I'd kickstart this for sure.

BUT being 28-30mm  I'm not 100% sure if they'd stack up to zombicide well.  maybe they will.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Death Star Plans are not in the Main Computer...

I have been looking at plans to build the Death Star.  I've had the "super structure" sitting in my basement for a while now.

I finally found a viable alterative to making it out of resin.  Resin is expensive, and heavy.   My Death Star is going to be made of foamcore and hard cardboard, or something else that can be sturdy.   the thing will measure:

1 foot
6 1/2inch wall
7 inch wide
6 1/2inch wall
3 foot

by 6 foot long

it's going to be built for the X-Wing Minis game.....

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Here they come!

They're coming in too fast! - :Luke

We've lost the Lateral Controls  - Leia

"Don't worry, Shell hold together.  Here me baby?  Hold together." - Han

Yes, that's the conversation you think about when you see this pic:

Of course the real reason for the pic is to show off my new playing area for the game X-Wing.   It's a 3 foot by 3 foot space map.

If you want one, it's from Jo Ann Fabrics.  It's also called:  Star Gazers Screen print D# 6077

Yea, pretty cool.   They had another one I thought about using, but this was a bit cooler.  But then, the other one was a space battle featuring Star Wars ships on it...   Ok, that is cool too.

Friday, November 15, 2013

X-Wing Round 2...

Fantasy Flight Games made a pretty good game here.  I just did a battle where Luke took on one TIE Bomber and two Academy Pilots in TIEs.  Man, what a battle.   The bomber has a thick hull and takes a lot of hits.  He concentrated on the bomber first, per the mission of getting rid of the bomber before he could drop his payload.

That's when the bomber's escorts converged on Luke.  The statement "I can't shake him!"  holds true.   These TIEs can maneuver so easily and quick, along with their barrel roll, are mighty unstoppable, as the can get out of range, get out of firing arc, or just stick on your back peppering your shields until they fail.   Good thing Luke had R2 with him... R2 was able to keep giving Luke his shields back, but in the end, just not enough.  a super short tight turn and barrel roll, caused a TIE to lance Luke's ship with three hits, knocking the shields down again, and sending the last crit into the ship, splitting the hull in two.

Yea, it's fun.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

X-Wing.. the tabletop minis game....

Well, I've had this game for a month or so.  I've wanted to try it out, but to no avail.  lots of other things on my plate that I could not handle setting aside an hour to learn the rules.

Well, I finally get around to it.

I played with the starter box only.  1 x-wing and two ties.   For my first game, I started with a simple Red Squadron Pilot, and for his enemies, Obsidian Squadron and Black Squadron TIES.   Not a bad match-up.

The rules are fairly simple to deal with.  if you've played Wings of War/Glory, you'll pick up on this quick.

the battle went decently, with the x-wing losing his shields pretty quick.  One shot from a TIE, damaged his shields, and the other tie, followed and took them out fully.   The Black Squadron Pilot was taken out pretty easily.  The TIE was at extreme range, but the extra defense die didn't help.  three hits on the dice got around anything he had rolled for defense.  One was a critical, where one of the thrusters caught fire and then blew.

The obsidion pilot was a bit more difficult.  The x-wing could not land a shot, only grazing once.  The TIE kept on his tail most of the time, he couldn't shake him.  Finally, a turn happened and the tide shifted so that the x-wing could take a shot or two... but this also allowed the TIE to take a shot.  which he did.

The xwing already had two hits and no shields left.  the TIE scored two hits, both were crits.  Since the ship only needed one to take out the ship, it was overkill.   the two crits were  "blinded pilot" and "injured pilot".  so the TIE basically sent a laser bolt through the cockpit and out the other side, vaping him.
All in all, it was fun.   I can't wait to get my Falcon set up and try the 4 TIES against him...  like the scene from the movie of Han escaping the Death Star...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Zombies by the numbers....

If anyone reading can confirm my numbers...
This is abomination level from first season, and fugitive level 2nd season, with walk of dead pack 2, toxic crowd, and angry crowd.  Only one I didn't get was walk of dead box 1, since that was identical to the extra zombies from season 1.

93 walkers
23 fatties
4 aboms
46 runners

36 angry walkers
8 angry fatties
2 angry aboms
15 angry runners

36 toxic walkers
9 toxic fatties

2 toxic aboms

I have odd numbers in there and wondered if that was right.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The unboxing.....

Season 2 has arrived... Here are some shots of the unboxing!

The 16 pound box....

Packed nicely...

Completely unboxed.  Everything is here.  Fugitive level with all addons.  

Now to find some people to game with!  I have to get it all put into the carrying boxes that I have for Season 1.

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Zombies are coming....

Yes, they will be here soon!

11/04/2013  -  Monday
11:29 AM At U.S. Postal Service facility ROCHESTER, NY
  Arrived at local Post Office - Allow one to two additional days for delivery

Friday, October 25, 2013

PREVIEW: THE English Coast....

It's been a long time coming.   I present you the preview of the English Coastal map I've been working on.  This map is currently 11 FEET by 8 FEET in size.  The image is 5 GIG in size.

I still have work to do with shrinking the map down some more, cutting it up into 4 equal parts so that each section can be played on it's own, OR be combined to make the whole map.

Stay tuned for the release!

Comments and questions are always welcome!

Friday, October 11, 2013

1.21 Gigawatts...

Let's go.... Back to the Future!!

ok, maybe not.  but on doing some more work on my map, I found out why Paint Shop Pro doesn't fare well against the power of Photoshop.  

This is the size of the image currently.

40.9581518173 gigabytes

Yea, I'm going to try to take THAT to the printers....

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Dragon in the Dark...

I've been requested to post my Mated Dragon Encounter.  This is a battle that I created way back in the 90s.  It was written with AD&D 2E in mind, so the abilities are from that era.  I don't have the exact specifications with me, so I'll write it up from my aging memory....

This encounter is for a group of at least level 10 or more.  Preferably higher.

The setup:   The party has been exploring a cave system, fighting all manner of beasties.  A cave-in has forced the group to press on, unable to return the way they came, and hope for another way out.

DM:  As you continue down the corridor, you feel a draft coming from ahead of you.  The corridor starts to open up and you see before you a vast cavern.  a rocky bridge spans across a massive cavern.  This cavern is so big, you cannot see the sides of it.  it is at least 500 feet wide to either side of the bridge.  The bridge is sturdy and on the opposite side of the bridge you see faintly, two torches on either side of an opening.  The bridge does not have any sides, and is only 10 foot wide.  You peer over the edge and vertigo grips you and you step back.  You cannot see the bottom.  Also, looking up, you cannot see the roof.  Knowing that you cannot turn back, you realize that it's going to be a treacherous walk across the bridge that will have to be slow and steady.  As you get about halfway across the bridge, you notice that the stone is blackened.  A soot coats the bridge.  Suddenly the world goes dark.

DM NOTES:  The cavern is 500ft wide to either side of the bridge.  torch light won't reach the edges.  The bridge is 300ft long.  it will take 10 rounds to get across if a slow steady pace.  if not, reflex saves will need to occur to avoid slipping and falling off the bridge.  The bridge is also 200ft high.  the bottom of the cavern is laced with "spikes".  Stalagmites stick up, and there is a high chance to hit them if you fall.  The ceiling is 300ft high from the bridge.  Stalactites lace the ceiling.  The floor of the  cavern slopes upwards towards the edges, similar to a bowl.  At the 450 mark from the bridge on either side is an area that flatter and is large enough to hold a dragon.  In fact, a mated pair of mature adult dragons perch on either side of the bridge.

The dragon's eyesight can see to the bridge.  Once a group of adventurers get to the middle of the bridge, one dragon casts darkness onto the bridge, not on a character.  this avoids the save of the spell.  The other dragon casts fireball of 9th caster level at the bridge.   They then start flying towards the bridge, they will get there in 3 rounds and land.

Any party member caught within the darkness will have to make reflex saves to avoid being disoriented and falling off the bridge.  Once the fireball hits, the disorientation is worse.   The dragons land, each one on opposite sides of the darkness spell, basically shutting off any chance of escape.   The landing is forceful, reflex saves to avoid falling down from the bridge shaking.  Anyone that has escaped the darkness is confronted with a dragon, and the darkness prevents the character from seeing the other side of the darkness, and the other dragon.   if no one has escaped the darkness, both dragons will breath once on the bridge, then the one that cast darkness wills it away. to see if their dinner is done cooking.  The dragons will fight, but will use tail slap to knock the enemy off the bridge.  anything to minimize damage to themselves and have a quicker dinner.

Yea, this is considered a TPK style of encounter, hence the party needing to be of a very high level.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dimension X....

<insert twilight zone theme>

You have entered a place.  a place that doesn't fit your imagination, but ours.  your "cage" is 20,000 x 20,000 in size... and you are trying to fit a 45,000 x 25,000 image into it.


Yea, I use Paint Shop Pro for my image creation.  I've got Photoshop too, but never really used it for much, since PSP is much easier to use.

Well, that changes now.  to make the Wings of War Maps I need to make, I need Photoshop's canvas of 300,000 x 300,000 pixels..  yea, PSP's limit is a 20 megapixel document.  Photoshop's limit is 300 megapixel.

Why the huge difference?  I have absolutely no clue.

Oh, btw, Go fish.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On the Wings of Glory....

It's been a while since I updated about my map making for Wings of Glory.  I have since picked up series 5 and series 6.  Both good sets and continue to fill the missing planes of WW1.   My second map for WOG is coming along nicely.  I had a few revisions to make for it and finally have some substantial work on it done.  I'd say it's now at about 45% done.  I've got some editing to do on it to remove some obvious new-age items from it, like "high-tension power lines" that just were not available back in 1914....

The map once complete should be (at 200px per inch) around 12.5 ft by 16.5 ft   YES, that's in FEET.  Oh yea, England is gong to have it rough when the Germans invade with their bombers to bomb the factories there.

So yea, a map that size is going to take a bit of time to make still.  I'm hoping to have it done before the end of the year so I can work on the next map, the Western Front, aka No-Mans Land.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Zombicide Updated Rules

While we wait for Season Two to hit our mailboxes... You might want to read up on the new expansions and their rules.

Zombicide Game Rules and FAQ

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Encounters of games past...

I was thinking up new encounters with my new group when I started reminiscing about old encounters that were fun for both the players and me, the DM.   I think I might start a whole new feature here.  Here's one such encounter that wasn't particularly fun for either...

The part was sitting in a tavern looking for something to do, they were perusing the "Bulletin Board" that was up in the tavern.  Great leads always came from there.   I had made an actual bulletin board with post it notes for my tavern.  Each post-it had an adventure hook on it.  It helped the players to feel like they were choosing their adventure path.

They picked one that looked like a simple escort job.  Help a wounded man bring his dead adventuring friends back from the cavern they were exploring.  Simple job.  But things were wrong from the beginning.

The ride to the cavern was about a day's ride.  I gave the group ample time to ask questions to the survivor about the place, in hopes to prepare them for the coming battles.  They never once talked to him.  Bad Move #1

Ok so going into a dungeon without ANY knowledge of what to expect, is never good, but it does happen.  it's like being given a book you've never read and told to write an essay on it.  AND you're given a day locked in a room with said book and nothing else to do.  AND you never actually read the book and then have to still write the essay about it.. AND you CAN read.  sheeze.  Let me force feed that carrot...

They went into the dungeon.  first room i described like this:   You see a large 50ft by 50ft room and there seems to be two sleeping cats in the center of the room.  they have 6 legs and tentacles coming out of their backs.

The group brings out the bows and starts firing into the cats. THUNK!  THUNK!.  They cat's don't move.  In fact, they don't respond to the attacks.   Looking closer, you see they are already dead.   Yea, the other party already cleared this room.   Still the group doesn't go back and talk to the survivor that stayed with the carts because he didn't want to go back in there because of what killed the group.  Did they ask him what killed the group?  NO!  Bad Move #2

So they continue.  they get to a room that has a large black pool in the middle of it.  they immediately know it's a black pudding and move in to fight it.  STAB!  MAGIC MISSILE!  no reaction here either.   Yea, it's also dead already.  So..  two rooms and the party's guard is dropping faster than a virgin's panties on prom night.

Next room, looks clear.  the elf walks straight across the room.   odd thing is, the dust was never disturbed here.  Green slime drips onto him.  party takes a good beating from the green slime, and the elf lost a good deal of Constitution.  Luckilly they had some healing wit them to heal the elf.   they decided to take a different route than the one the original party did.  They encountered a room barred shut with a wooden door.  they eventually got it open and found lots of treasure piled up in there.  Since it was too much to deal with, they decided to leave it and come back to it after recovering the corpses.  Bad Move #3

The continued along, fining no resistance from anything else.  They entered the final room of the dungeon and saw three dead bodies in the room.  the mage sees them and immediately, I said... IMMEDIATELY walks in to get to one of the corpses.  FINAL BAD MOVE.

Once the mage got inside, he could not lift the corpse, being a weak mage after all.  so the  fighter goes in to help.  The fighter actually at this point, looks up/dowm/all around.   That's when he notices that the ceiling is 50 foot high.  very odd when the rest of the place was only 10 foot high, but this one room was 50.  Odd.  he reaches the corpse and all hell breaks loose.

A huge Earth Elemental puts a hand up n front of the doorway and he "climbs" out of the floor.  standing at about 35ft high and 25 wide, he pretty much engulfs the room, blocking the mage and the fighter from any possible escape.  The other two characters are out in the hall.

The battle ensues.  the mage casting fireball on the elementals head.  he gets a fist to the chest that renders him unconscious. I could have remembered that the elemental's strength was higher than it was and it would have killed the mage.  but I left it at unconscious.   The fighter hacking away at the knees of old Earthy.  The elf ranger firing his bow from the hallway.  the elf monk, whose constitution was much better at this point, kicking and punching.

The elemental punches the fighter and knocks him back.  The elemental moves a little bit away from the door to continue the onslaught of the fighter and this allows the monk to get into the room.   The elf, still inside the reach of the elemental, fires off a crit shot to the thing, then ducks behind the wall.

I remember that earth elementals can "see" people standing on the ground, give a punch through the wall to the elf ranger.  He hits and promptly places the body of the ranger between his fist and the opposite wall of the corridor.  A wet gooey mass flops to the ground.  Dead.

The human fighter and elf monk fight the elemental, with the fighter going over to shove a healing potion down the mage's throat.  doing so allowed the mage to get up and start casting spells on the elemental.   the three kill it and all is well.  they pick up their fallen comrade and the corpses of those they were sent to retrieve and take them back to the cart.

Remembering the treasure they found, they head back there.  Only to find two rust monsters finishing off the last pile of gold and items....

Yea, I'm evil ain't I?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Promo Survivors and who they really are....

Here's the most comprehensive list of the survivors and who they really are:

Zombicide (1st Season):
1) Amy (Pauley Perrette as Abby Sciuto in NCIS (2003-))
2) Doug (Michael Douglas as William Foster in Falling Down (1993))
3) Josh (Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad (2008-))
4) Ned (George Romero)
5) Phil (Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead (2010-))
6) Wanda (Heather Graham as Roller Girl in Boogie Nights (1997))

Zombicide (1st Season) Promos, 1st Wave:
1) Dave (Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory (2007-))
2) El Cholo (Danny Trejo as Machete in Machete (2010))
3) Nick (Bruce Willis as John McClane in Die Hard (1988))

Zombicide (1st Season) Promos, 2nd Wave:
1) Cardboard Tube Samurai (Penny Arcade character)
2) Eagle Chaz (Chuck Norris)
3) Troy (Bruce Campbell as Ash in Army of Darkness (1993))

Zombicide (1st Season) Paid for Promos, 2nd Wave:
1) Claudia (Naomie Harris as Selena in 28 Days Later (2002))
2) Eva (Uma Thurman as The Bride in Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003))
3) Ivy (Angelina Jolie as Jane Smith in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005))
4) Marvin (Samuel L. Jackson as Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction (1994))

Mission Design Contest Prize:
1) Kyoko (Lucy Liu as Alex Munday in Charlie's Angels (2000))

Toxic City Mall:
1) Derek (Season 1 "I am Legend Backer")
2) Elsa (Scarlett Johansson as The Black Widow in The Avengers (2012))
3) Neema (?)
4) Raoul (Season 1 "I am Legend Backer")

Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak:
1) Belle (?)
2) Grindlock (Pete Steele as Nathan Explosion in Type-o-Negative (Dethklok on Metalocalypse))
3) Joshua (Joshua 'Cornbread' Harris)
4) Kim (?)
5) Shannon (Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley in Alien³ (1992))
6) Watts (Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park (1993))

Zombicide Season 2 Kickstarter Promo Survivors:
1) Achille (Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs (1991))
2) Aunt Rose (Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote (1985-1996))
3) Brad (Clint Eastwood as Harry Callahan in Dirty Harry (1971))
4) Chuck (Nick Frost as Ed in Shaun of the Dead (2004))
5) Gary (Jeff Bridges as The Dude in The Big Lebowski (1998))
6) Kirk (Steven Segal)
7) Mack (Nicolas Cage as Cameron Poe in Con Air (1997))
8) Mike (Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in The Shining (1980)) [free @ $2.1M]
9) Ralph (Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee in Zombieland (2009))
10) Smith (Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken in Escape from New York (1981))
11) Thaissa (Bridget Fonda as Maggie in Point of No Return (1993))

Zombicide Season 2 Paid for Promos:
1) Adriana (Beyoncé as Foxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002))
2) Dakota (Pamela Anderson)
3) Fred (Simon Pegg as Shaun in Shaun of the Dead (2004))
4) Helen (Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs (1991))
5) Lea (Emma Stone as Wichita in Zombieland (2009))
6) Rick (Jason Statham as Chev Chelios in Crank (2006))
7) Ross (John Goodman as Walter Sobchak in The Big Lebowski (1998))
8) Will (Simon Helberg as Howard Wolowitz in The Big Bang Theory (2007-))

Special Guest Artist Box - Adrian Smith:
1) Bones (original creation)
2) Padre Johnson (original creation)

Special Guest Artist Box - Karl Kopinski:
1) Angry Mary (original creation)
2) Red Cap Ben (original creation)

Special Guest Artist Box - Kevin Walker:
1) Butch (original creation)
2) Uncle Honk (original creation)

Season 2 Moustache Pack
1) Don (John Cleese as Basil Fawlty in Fawlty Towers (1975-1979))
2) Frank (Tom Selleck as Magnum in Magnum, P.I. (1980–1988))
3) Rob (Sean Connery as John Patrick Mason in The Rock (1996))

Total Survivor Count: 55!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dungeon Roll Review

Sitting in the mail yesterday was a box.  inside the box was my copy of Dungeon Roll, Kickstarter Edition.

So, you want to know what comes in that awesome game box that is shaped like a treasure chest? 
  • 7 Dungeon Dice - Custom Molded Dice
  • 7 Party Dice - Custom Molded Dice
  • 8 Base Set Hero Characters - Commander, Paladin, Battlemage, Necromancer, Dragon Slayer, Half-Goblin, Enchantress and Bard.
  • 8 Expansion Pack #1 Heroes - Alchemist, Scout, Leprechaun, Treasure Hunter, Elf Tracker, Sorceress, Dwarf Berserker and Undead Viking (Included at no extra cost)
  • KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE -- +2 Dungeon Dice
  • KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE -- Dragon's Lair card (does not affect gameplay)
  • KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE -- Graveyard card (does not affect gameplay)
  • 4 Player Aid Cards
  • 36 Treasure Tokens
  • 24 Experience Tokens
  • 1 10-sided die - For tracking the current dungeon level
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Book of Heroes (Information about the heroes and rules clarifications pertaining to those heroes)

Here is a closer look at the dice:

Each game is played in three rounds.  each round is one delve into the dungeon.  Highest XP wins.  There are hero cards.  these heroes are the party leader.  They have special abilities that can affect the outcome of the delve.

Pictured above is the Crusader.  Every level, she can use the top ability.  the bottom is used once per delve.  This is the hero I picked for this demo.

Starting the game, you pick up the 7 party dice(white ones) and roll them.  That's your "party".

Then the "dungeon lord", aka, you in a single person game, turns the dungeon level die to 1 and then rolls the appropriate number of dice for that level.   1st level, is 1 die.  2nd level is 2 die... you get the idea.

Pictured above is a 5th level dungeon with the party still in full strength.  the party currently consists of A Wizard, a Fighter, two champions, two thieves and a scroll.  the Dungeon dice (black ones) show two goblins, a Skeleton, a dragon, and a potion.

To start the round, the dragon die gets set aside into the "dragon's lair".  Once three are in there a dragon will appear and you fight that.   The fighter die can take out any number of goblins, but my hero's ability allows me to use him as a cleric if I wanted.   I really don't, so I discard the fighter and the goblin dice.  The Fighter die goes into the "graveyard", and the goblin dice get set aside for reuse.   The Wizard can take out any number of oozes, but only one each of the other types of monsters, so I'll keep him in reserve.  the thief takes out one of any type of monster, and since I've got two of them, I'll use him.  The champions take out all of any one type, so I'm saving them for level six.  I move one thief to the "graveyard" and the skeleton to the side to be reused.  the thieves are needed for treasure chests, so I'm holding the last one in case the next level gives me a treasure chest.   At the end of the round, any party dice left can be used to activate potions, or if a thief, take a treasure chest.   Since I have a potion left, I use one of my champions ( I can use any die, including scrolls) to use the potion.  A potion brings back one party die back from the graveyard.

Next round level, I have two champions, one thief, and one scroll.   the potion brought back an additional die for the party, so I can make it anything I want.   Scrolls are handy as they allow rerolls of the monster dice.  if I didn't think I had enough to run the next level, I'd retire to the tavern, collect my XP, and let the next player go.  If I'm lucky enough to get to level 10, I automatically retire.

Once there are at least three dragon dice in the lair,  you have to fight the dragon.   You defeat him with three different party members.  IE:  fighter, wizard, thief would work, but two champs and a thief would not.

it's pretty fun, quick and can be played in a half hour or less.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A blast from the past and LARPing...

Yes, my wife was digging through some old pictures.  She came across the following image of my PARPing days.

I was known then as Sir John of Ling.   Lost Prince to a throne that had long been taken from the family.   With my Elvin companion and protector, Hank of the Hollow Way, he walked the country side, battling all manner of beasts.   We attempted to make a name for me so that one day, I could return and take the throne back into it's rightful place.

Flash forward to today, 20 years later.  I still have the sword I used back then, the great sword too.  I have my throwing daggers too.  Tunic, cape, and yes, even the Plate Armor.   The armor was actually real steel plates.  Made from some duct work that a building was throwing out.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

We be Goblins....

Ok, so my adventure has taken a turn into the swampy Marsh Woods.  I wanted to have some encounters there that were perfect for a swamp.   Well, I found the perfect race for the swamp.

Pathfinder came out with their version of a Goblin.  it's a different look than the WOTC goblin, so therefore I really can't mix-n-match them.  BUT, I decided to call the pathfinder version.... Swamp Goblins.  this because of their rounded heads and large toothy mouths.  Here is what one looks like:

They kinda remind me of Spike from the Gremlins movie.

So, here is my goblin tribe, ready to interact with the party.  But will it be friendly, or will it be hostile...  I guess it depends on who swings first...  if there is provocation, or not...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Space Battleship Yamato 2199

I know it has nothing to do with gaming, but this is one of my childhood favorite cartoons.  It was made in Japan, but released in the US as "Star Blazers".   It's considered by most to be the Japanese's Star Trek.  They even made a live action movie back in 2010 that I've yet to find reasonably.  Well...  they have remade the cartoon.  it's very faithful to the original and then some.  it's pretty F'n awesome!  Go look for it...  you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Herb found in the woods.

Ok, it wasn't Herb Alpert found in the woods... but a little tiny plant that seems to have mystical properties of healing, that if worked properly can actually save a life.  cure an illness.  heal an injury.  or if the right one found... kill you.

In my campaign world, I have augmented the notion that there is little to no good clerics in the world.  Since it's run by Hextor, healers really are not something commonplace.   So that's where herbs come in play.

I have a list, which you can find here.

This list shows you that you can find all sorts of different herbs.  the chance of finding them, and the dosage of each herb, depending on the roll you make, and the skill level you have.

DM rolls on Table 1 and/or table 2.  he adds in the characters herbalism skill (knowledge and profession) to adjust the number rolled up.  Knowledge skill counts as 1 per rank.  Profession is doubled.  so, if he has 5 ranks in knowledge, it's +5 to the die roll.  If he's got 8 ranks in profession herbalist, then he gets +16 to the roll.  Playes choice on if he wants Plus or minus.
Once he gets a level of herb, he then rolls the D for # of the herb potentially found.  For every 5 ranks in either skill, the DM can adjust this roll up or down 1.
Then the player rolls his search DC.  Herbalism profession or knowledge needed, and synergy from search to provide an extra +2.   If the character has both profession and knowledge herbalism with at least 5 ranks in each, he gets a +2 to this roll.
Once found, the player needs to rest and create the items.  Specific times are also listed for how long it takes to make them.
Once the player creates the item, he rolls his create DC  (synergy with alchemy and healing impart a +2 synergy each for every 5 levels of those skills.
If a failure, then all is wasted.  If he succeeds, the DM rolls how many doses he created.  If the character has both profession and knowledge herbalism with at least 5 ranks in each, he gets a +2 to this roll.
 If each is at least 10 ranks, then he gets a +2 to the max dosage.
IE:  dosage is 1d4 normally.  With 5 ranks of each, he gets a +2 to the roll, with a max of 4 possible.    With 10 ranks, he gets +2 to the roll of 1d4+2, so he can possibly get 6 dosages.

I know this seems rather convoluted, but it does seem to work.  I suppose you could always just go with the random, DM's choice award and just pick yourself which one he gets and how much.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Adventure on the high seas!

Yep, the party finally got back together after several months of other commitments forcing the group to not play D&D...

We skip ahead where the party was thrown in jail for the burning down of a small town, one that they last visited for adventures.  They eventually found out that they didn't do it.  it was their companion.... Richard.

Yes, THAT Richard.

I included him a while back as a bit of comedy relief for the group.  Turns out, he's quite fun.  Well, he sent the group on thier next quest.  the "Quest for the Jade Skull"...  He said that and waited with dramatic pause for the music to play.  He repeated the statement and waited again.  He pulled a character to the side and said it a third time, this time he made the music himself...  "Dun. Dun. Duuuuuuunnnnn...."

It's rumored to be a skull made entierly of Green Jade.  it's large and in the Decaying Mountains.  Well, the party has to get three, get the skull and come back.  Too bad it's full of poison clouds and Acid rain.

Well the group had to travel the high seas to get there.  Ok, actually, just travel on a boat across the river to a port to get there.  but the port is about 200 miles away and would take two days to get there.   You can Ask the fighter if he's got his sea legs... and if he likes water.  AND if he'll wear his full plate armor while travelling by boat.

Oh and bar fights are always fun.  Ask the fighter about that too.  Crit mug to the HEAD!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bringing the fear into Zombicide

While Zombicide is all fun and what not, there isn't much of a fear factor.  "Sonic Bunny" over on the Board Game Geek Forums (BBGF) came up with this awesome idea for the game.

When spawning zombies for any reason, instead of placing physical models down, only place the spawn cards on the board. Each zombie turn move the cards as if they were walkers. Do not reveal the type and number of zombies until a survivor can draw line of sight to the spawn card. When any survivor gains line of sight on a spawn card, reveal it and place zombies as usual for the CURRENT experience level (blue, yellow, orange or red)

Sounds pretty cool... and you don't know what's coming until you get to them.  This can be applied to zombies inside of buildings as well as the ones on the street.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Battletech... or Robotech...

I am a long time fan of the Battletech Universe.    I started back when it was the year 2173 and wend on from there.   back when FASA had the rights given to them for several mech designs from the "Robotech" universe.

Some of these designs included the Locust, Warhammer, Rifleman, Griffin, Shadow Hawk, Phoenix hawk, Archer, longbow, Battlemaster, and Maurauder.

Well...  Many years later, Harmony Gold got pissy and told them they didn't agree and can't use the designs.  Even though the designs have been long since put into history into the battletech Universe AS IS.

So when I see a bunch of "Destroids"....

I see the Riflemanand I see the Warhammer.

Oh, and yea, I missed this kickstarter for the Robotech RPG Tactics game:  

Am I miffed at Harmony Gold?  Yea.  Will we ever see an "old school" Battletech Movie with the old-school mechs?   Probabally not.  Especially since harmony Gold sux.

Give me back my Shadowhawk!!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Zombicide Custom Character # 6

What ever you do... Don't call him Leslie.

He starts off at blue level with an awesome skill.  Born Leader (Police).   What this means is that he can use the Born Leader skill... but it only affects other survivors with the words Police or Cop in their name.

His ability at orange to get free search, or 1 reroll can be big.    Lucky and Tough round out his abilities.. or just give him another +1 action.   that's 5 actions at red level...  6 if you get the free search at orange.  That's pretty big.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Zombicide Custom Character 4 (and 5)

Ok folks, today's update includes one character.  He doesn't have a name.  Simply because he's designed to be run as a "non-unique".  He is designed to be run in tandem with another of himself.

I guess you could call him "the Twins"

They are identical in stats, because you print out two of the card and go with it.

He starts with the special equipment card "Riot Shield".  When he has it equipped in his hand, he gains the "toughness" skill.  AND since he's a Riot Cop, he also gains the "knockback" skill:

Knockback:  This character can attempt a knock back as an action.   Roll a 3+ and you are able to push one walker or runner out of the current zone.  This cannot be done on a fatty or abomination unless the "Phalanx" skill is in force.

He has two new skills at the red level:

Riot Shield Expertise:  This skill allows the character to use the "knock back" against a second Walker or Runner as long as the Riot Shield is equipped in hand.

Phalanx:  if the survivor is in the same zone as another with this skill, an action can be used to use knock back on a Zombie dog, fatty or abomination.  This requires the use of two actions instead of one, to indicate the team effort from both Riot Cops.  Riot Shield Expertise cannot be combined with this skill.

if he can get there, he's a defense master.  Alongside his twin, they can push a lot of zombies away from the team so that the rest of the team can kill them without danger.

Let me know what you think!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Zombicide Custom Police Character 3

Here is Number 3...

Officer Poncherello patrols his beat with his trusty Motorcycle.  When he was responding to a traffic accident and found everyone dead, he called in the ambulance.  However, the radio on his bike was not working.  All he got was static.   Then he noticed that the people in the cars were not dead, they were moving...  but one looked strange!  His jaw was hanging down and he had a piece of glass in his neck...

Poncerello immediately gets +1 to die roll in combat to indicate his ability with a gun.  Once he gets to Orange, he becomes better.  he can either gain the same ability he has in blue again, or add more dice to his ranged combat.  Red makes him sicker.  adding in +1 die again, or +1 dice roll ranged.   

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Zombicide Custom Character #1 Take 2....

Ok.  I've named all of the cops in my police squad.   They are not meant to be humorous survivors, but rather a good team that works well together, with skills that compliment, or downright necessary to each other.

First up is Officer Toody....

And his partner, Office Muldoon.

Each Patrolman has similar skills, yet have uniqueness as well.  Toody gets better with ranged combat because with the pose of the figure, I gave him +1 to die ranged and +1 to Die combat.. Coupled with either Max range or Sniper, he's a great force.   Muldoon has the same abilities, except he gets +1 dice to ranged and +1 free combat action, so he can hit more targets at range.  he shines when you again, at red level can add either +1 max ranger or sniper to his orange abilities

if you can get the "nod" of the names, then hooray for you.  else click here...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Zombicide custom Characters...

It was suggested over on Board Game Geek that I name my survivors... so I am in the process of naming them.  I won't name them for the "Police Squad" characters... except maybe the SGT/Detective...  Stick around...

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zombicide Custom Character #1

Ok, here begins my custom characters.  First up is a Police Officer. He's a basic cop that was responding to an incident at a local store where a robbery was in progress.  Little did he know that the alarms tripped inside were due to the zombies...

He may start with only a Starting Pistol, but he gains quite nicely by getting a steadier hand with +1 to dice roll to ranged or +1 die to combat.  I mean he does have steady hands and all.  Like his partner, his red skills are identical.  The ability to use sniper with a piston at a longer range can be quite nice in Ultra Red Mode.

Stay tuned for the rest of the team as they are previewed throughout the week.

Don't forget to print him out and give him a try!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Police Squad...

Here is your new group of survivors for Zombicide.  You have two Police Officers, a Motor Cop, two Riot Cops, and a Police Sergeant.   Watch for their stats soon!

The figures are from Heroclix and are all Gotham police figures. All have been rebased.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zombicide Custom Weapon Card

Ok folks, here's my first custom card.

The rules:

When equipped, survivor gains Toughness.  When equipped by a Riot Cop, survivor also gains the Knockback skill.  The numbers on the card are indicative of the knockback skill, since this item does no damage.  Currently, Riot Shields are only found as starting equipment.

Let me know what you think...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Zombicide custom skill

Knockback:  this character can attempt a knock back as an action.  Roll a 3+ and you are able to push one walker or runner out of the current zone.  This cannot be done on a fatty or abomination unless the Phalanx skill is applied.

Tell me what you think.  This is a skill gained when certain characters are wielding a "riot shield".

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zombicide Custom Survivors

Ok, I've figured out that the card size is 12CM by 21CM.  Gotta love metrics.

I'm currently making a team of 6 custom characters.  As I play test them, I will post pictures of them them, plus their stat cards.  I am not going to be making Zombivor versions of these characters.    As neat as the concept is, I'm not using the zombie version of the characters as players.  they will be used when the character dies and returns.

To start, I will give you a hint as to what these characters are:

"Jinkies it's the Cops!"

Friday, May 17, 2013

Season 1 has arrived...

The final minis from the first kickstarter arrived.   I only picked up Eva and Marvin...  I missed out on Ivy and Claudia.  I now think I want them too...  The whole "gotta have them all" springs to mind.  They are good.

Any yes, I am dissapointed in the idea that GG had to change the minis because Miramax said so.  Well, at least we have Ash and Chuck still in good.   I wonder how Season 2's extra special minis will hold up to lawsuits....

I say feed the suits to the zombies and let us have our fun!

Monday, May 13, 2013

it's been a while...

I know, my blog has become distant.  I've been very busy as of late.  I've got several projects in the works and working on one, makes others fall behind.  Plus daily life gets in the way too.
On a side note, remind me to never read an "enchant weapon" scroll while holding a +7 weapon.  it hurts.....

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A day of mourning....

It is a say day indeed...  

My character in WazHack died.   My greatest character so far.  He had hit the bottom of the dungeon and was about to take on the final boss when a Balor came down and took his life.  He didn't stand a chance, since the balor had brought friends AND he had just finished taking out a "Battle Lich".

His stats:

14th level    STR 20  DEX 15  CON 15  INT 17  WIZ 16  CHA 16

His stats were due in large part to a +5 Helm of Brilliance.   and a couple of "gain ability" potions.

He weilded a Bastard Sword of Invisibility, wore a Roman Armor suit of Slow Digestion, and had 15 wands on him.   The wands were of varying type, from death wands, to magic missile wands.  Carrying scrolls and books, he had more things mage-like than fighter like.

In the end, he was two rooms away from the Dragon...  at 3100 feet down.

A sad day indeed.   (and no screenshots to prove it since it was on my tablet.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The funniest thing happened to me on the way to the Dungeon.....

I've been playing a game on my tablet called Wazhack... you can get it here (and thank or curse me later)

It's a fun game similar in vein to the old "Rouge" or "Nethack"  from ages past...

but here's the funniest part... I picked up a cursed scroll and read it.  this was the reply:

"The cursed scroll of remove curse removes itself"

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


A beast is born.....

Yes, news about my Wings of Glory realistic maps has taken a back burner.. a slow go as it were.   This was due in majority to the fact that my machine at home is an archaic old monster from 2006.  It couldn't browse its way out of a paper bag.  Not to mention the death-like debilitating virus it got that wiped a lot of core windows files (like calc.exe).

Well, as a mad scientist would cackle, I had purchased the parts and laid them out on my table.  I took them and pieced together a monster.  machine that glows red when running.  A machine with a terabyte of hard drive space, 32 GIG of ram, 8 processors to quickly bring imagery to life...

Then I found out about 32 bit limitations...  and a program that fixes them called  Large Address aware.  this allows a 32 bit program to use more than 2 gig ram.    From a machine that could only bring in a 3k x 6k image... and not be able to duplicate it, to a machine that can bring in a 10k x 10x image and duplicate it 9 times.   To put that into perspective... the 10k x 10k image  is about 5 foot square.  so I can make a big enough section of the western front that you won't need anything else.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Zombicide Toxics and Angrys... by the numbers.

Ok, here';s my official list of what we're getting for Season 2's Kickstarter for each of the Zombie types:

Zombie Type   In the box     Extra KS Minis  Total
Toxic Walker 16 4 20
Toxic Runner 8 2 10
Toxic Fatty 4 1 5
Toxic Abom 1 1 2
Angry Walker 17 4 21
Angry Runner 8 2 10
Angry Fatty 4 1 5
Angry Abom 1 1 2
Regular Walker 30 8 38
Regular Runner 12 4 16
Regular Fatty 6 2 8
Regular Abom 1 1 2
Total Zombies 139

Now my question is... do I want the different Box of Zombies?

Each $20 box brings us:

WotD 1 WotD 2 Toxic Crowd Angry Zombies
Walkers 15 15 15 15
Runners 6 6 6 6
Fatties 3 3 3 3
So...  do I want more Toxics and Angries?   I'm not sure, because I don't know the game-play of these to know if I'd need them or not.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zombicide Season 2 Kickstarter: The final 4 day Stretch!

Holy Frak this is getting HUGE!!!

Zombicide Season 2 Kickstarter Final 4 Days!

And since they didn't update the main page...

Latest updates for said kickstarter... including 8 new survivors!!!

Kasper made the list here:

What Season 2 Kickstarter is broken down to

Here is the basics of what we get in Toxic City Mall
·        4 mall-themed reversible game tiles 
·        43 miniatures including 4 new survivors in their human and zombivor versions, 29 Toxic Zombies miniatures and the Zombivor versions of Season 1 survivors. 
·        28 Equipment cards
·        Tokens to improve your missions, such as barricades and rubble coming in two sizes to block paths and maximize the tactical aspects of your missions.
·        New rules and game modes such as Zombivor rules, how to play dead, and Ultrared mode to reach superheroic levels and use the marvelous Ultrared weapons.

     Expected MSRP - $50
     And Prison Break:

      ·        9 brand new, reversible, prison-themed, game tiles
      ·        90 miniatures including 6 survivors in both their human and “zombivor” versions, with 78 zombies including berzerker zombies
      ·        New equipment cards such as baseball bats, shotguns, katana, concrete saws and even gunblades... 
      ·        Tokens to customize your missions: doors of various size, objectives, switches, barbwire, observation towers, and a security gate meant to rotate on the board to change the way you move around the prison corridors! 

Expected MSRP - $100
Thats a total of 133 miniatures and 20 zombie dogz, before the stretch goals...    Which are:

·        7x new survivors (Brad, Thaissa, Kirk, Aunt Rose, Ralph, Gary, and Achille)
·        7x new zombivore (Brad, Thaissa, Kirk, Aunt Rose, Ralph, Gary, and Achille)
·        6x Companion Dogs
·        8x Walkers
·        4x Berserker Walkers
·        4x Toxic Walkers 
·        4x additional Runners
·        2x additional Toxic Runners
·        2x additional Berserker Runners
·        2x additional Fatties
·        1x additional Toxic Fatty
·        1x additional Berserker Fatty 
·        1x additional Toxic Abomination
·        1x additional Berserker Abomination
·        1x additional Abomination (season 2)
·        2x Skull trackers
·        2x new set of dice (red and orange) 
·        1x First player skull 
·        (and a new sculpt for a walker, runner, fatty, and abomination for Prison Outbreak).
·        And a Survivor / Zombivore version of Dakota, Fred, Lea, Rick, Adriana, Will, Ross, Gary, and  Helen if you pay an additional 10$ for each.

So thats an extra 13 minis of survivors/zombivores (+18 for 90$, +12 for 45$), 6 dogs, 31 zombies and various bits and pieces.

Grand total of 203 (+30 optional) figures