Thursday, July 18, 2013

We be Goblins....

Ok, so my adventure has taken a turn into the swampy Marsh Woods.  I wanted to have some encounters there that were perfect for a swamp.   Well, I found the perfect race for the swamp.

Pathfinder came out with their version of a Goblin.  it's a different look than the WOTC goblin, so therefore I really can't mix-n-match them.  BUT, I decided to call the pathfinder version.... Swamp Goblins.  this because of their rounded heads and large toothy mouths.  Here is what one looks like:

They kinda remind me of Spike from the Gremlins movie.

So, here is my goblin tribe, ready to interact with the party.  But will it be friendly, or will it be hostile...  I guess it depends on who swings first...  if there is provocation, or not...

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