Sunday, July 28, 2013

A blast from the past and LARPing...

Yes, my wife was digging through some old pictures.  She came across the following image of my PARPing days.

I was known then as Sir John of Ling.   Lost Prince to a throne that had long been taken from the family.   With my Elvin companion and protector, Hank of the Hollow Way, he walked the country side, battling all manner of beasts.   We attempted to make a name for me so that one day, I could return and take the throne back into it's rightful place.

Flash forward to today, 20 years later.  I still have the sword I used back then, the great sword too.  I have my throwing daggers too.  Tunic, cape, and yes, even the Plate Armor.   The armor was actually real steel plates.  Made from some duct work that a building was throwing out.

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