Monday, August 17, 2015

Look to the right --->

Yes, look right... Or left if you're from down under and reading this upside down.  ;)

There is a poll for you to answer.  I'm trying to gauge response on my map and how much would you pay for it.  Please take a moment and let me know.  The quicker I get responses, the quicker I can get this out to everyone.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Gencon and the map...

For those who met me and or my map and are stopping by for an update, well, here it is.

I have several seemingly daunting things to do.

1.  Incorporate myself as an LLC

2.  Insure said LLC

3.  Get the full rights to the imagery that I used for the existing map, OR start from scratch building with imagery that is public domain or the license purchased through a company.

I think #3 will be the hardest to do.  it does delay the map somewhat as I don't want to get sued for this project thus terminating any future plans of mapping, (like my no mans land map).  The current map that Jim has from Ares games is ok, since he just paid cost to print it.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Gencon 2015 AAR Report: Battle over Margate

Scenario 2:  HMN1576939  German Bombing raid on England, July 7 1917.
Captain Kleine, commander of the England Squadron, has given the order for the raid to start at 8 in the morning.  24 Gothas are to take flight. Your mission is this, break off of the main formation with three bombers and attack Margate.  There are several factories working for the war effort.  As a tactical diversion from the main target of London, obliterate them and return home. 

Scenario 2:  HMN1576939  Defense of Margate, July 7, 1917
                The RNAS has found out that three bombers have broken off of the formation headed for London and are now headed towards Margate.  The RNAS has scrambled fighters to intercept.   Stop these bombers from bombing the factories in Margate.

The battle over margate, I had designed with 9 defenders, and three gothas.  4 of the defenders were coming from other Aerodromes, so these 4 were set up to come out of the clouds and drop into the battle 3 rounds in. I have directional dice to show what direction they drop in facing.  a cool idea for sure.  However, I was 4 people short, so the first four who died would take up one of the four to come in later.

Before the game, this was the shot from the Brits side.  The bombers are a long way off.

And a shot from the Gotha's side...

The game has begun, the bombers moving into position for the bombing run on the first target.

My players setting up their moves.

The bombers are set up for their attack run.

After a fierce attack run, the bombs have all missed their target.  Two hit the coal pile of the power plant, but the plant remained intact.

The bombers move on the second target...

One unlucky Brit got too close to two bombers shots and was riddled until only bits of broken wood rained down.  Bombs rain down towards their target!

Hit, you can almost see the building tear apart from the bombs hitting it!

A successful run!  Four good solid hits on the rail yard.  Mission completed.

A shot from the camel takes out one bomber as they turn for a second attempt on the coal plant.

At this point, only two defenders remain to stop the bombers.

Make that none.  The last defender is taken out.

The aftermath as the two bombers fly home, empty of their payload.  The coal plant survived, with minor damage.  They needed two hits on the plant, best to get one onto the plant itself.

The railyard was hit with major damage, a successful target obliteration.

Gencon 2015 AAR: Destroy the Zeppelin Sheds

Scenario 1:  HMN1576939  England’s Caproni CA.3 planes, June 1917.
Near the end of the Zeppelin Bombings of London, the British had two Caproni Ca.3 Bombers on loan from Italy, complete with their bomber crews.  They were stationed there for this mission, to destroy the Zeppelin Yard in Dusseldorf.  Two Caproni CA.3s and three escort planes head across the channel to destroy the sheds. 

Scenario 1:  HMN1576939  Defense of the Dusseldorf Zeppelin Factory, June, 1917
                Wire has come in informing that the British are flying towards the Dusseldorf Zeppelin factory.   Drive them away from the factory and do not let them destroy it.  We are staging our Gotha Bombers there for a raid on England next month.  Several have already arrived and have been hidden inside the sheds.

The Germans got wind of the British flying in to attempt to destroy the Zeppelin Sheds at Dusseldorf.  Scrambling some of the Flying Circus, the Germans attempt to stop the British from their bombing run.

 The bombers and their escorts get into position for the run, while being harassed by the circus.

A very unlucky German gets caught in between two bombers and an escort.  He didn't survive.

A German setting up for a flyby, opens up his guns on the bomber...

Kill Shot!  A bullet hits one of the bombs in the payload and it explodes, raining fiery debris over the countryside.

The pilot of the bomber didn';t line up right for a bomb run, he's got to now circle around for another pass.

German Aces chase after the British bomber.

Another look from behind a German plane.

The Bomber is still trying to circle to get a good run at the sheds.  not one bomb has dropped yet.  German planes surround him, the escorts are no match.

The killing shot, ends the attempt at bombing the sheds.  The Germans are successful at keeping the Gothas stations inside the sheds a secret for next month's raid on London.

Saturday, August 1, 2015