Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Random Zombicide Survivors

Been playing Zombicide?  Want a better way to randomly pick your survivor crew?  Then I have a solution for you!

Artscow has a deck of cards for Zombicide.  They are playing card sized so that you can shuffle them and randomly pick what you want.  

Dean from Boardgame geek forums created them.  tehy are awesomely nice.  My team I randomly picked is above.  Set aside is the 21 survivors I don't have yet.  19 of those will be coming in a couple months, thanks to season 2 KS.  the other two are Ivy and Claudia.   This particular set does not have Kyoko either, since I'll be getting Uncle Honk.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Another Kickstarter to go in on with Zombies?


It's a kickstarter from England for zombie miniatures.  it also comes with fortifications, and survivors.

the kicker here is really the survivors.

Who wouldn't want a mini that looks like Daryl, and one that looks like Rick?   For that alone, I'd kickstart this for sure.

BUT being 28-30mm  I'm not 100% sure if they'd stack up to zombicide well.  maybe they will.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Death Star Plans are not in the Main Computer...

I have been looking at plans to build the Death Star.  I've had the "super structure" sitting in my basement for a while now.

I finally found a viable alterative to making it out of resin.  Resin is expensive, and heavy.   My Death Star is going to be made of foamcore and hard cardboard, or something else that can be sturdy.   the thing will measure:

1 foot
6 1/2inch wall
7 inch wide
6 1/2inch wall
3 foot

by 6 foot long

it's going to be built for the X-Wing Minis game.....