Monday, June 24, 2013

Battletech... or Robotech...

I am a long time fan of the Battletech Universe.    I started back when it was the year 2173 and wend on from there.   back when FASA had the rights given to them for several mech designs from the "Robotech" universe.

Some of these designs included the Locust, Warhammer, Rifleman, Griffin, Shadow Hawk, Phoenix hawk, Archer, longbow, Battlemaster, and Maurauder.

Well...  Many years later, Harmony Gold got pissy and told them they didn't agree and can't use the designs.  Even though the designs have been long since put into history into the battletech Universe AS IS.

So when I see a bunch of "Destroids"....

I see the Riflemanand I see the Warhammer.

Oh, and yea, I missed this kickstarter for the Robotech RPG Tactics game:  

Am I miffed at Harmony Gold?  Yea.  Will we ever see an "old school" Battletech Movie with the old-school mechs?   Probabally not.  Especially since harmony Gold sux.

Give me back my Shadowhawk!!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Zombicide Custom Character # 6

What ever you do... Don't call him Leslie.

He starts off at blue level with an awesome skill.  Born Leader (Police).   What this means is that he can use the Born Leader skill... but it only affects other survivors with the words Police or Cop in their name.

His ability at orange to get free search, or 1 reroll can be big.    Lucky and Tough round out his abilities.. or just give him another +1 action.   that's 5 actions at red level...  6 if you get the free search at orange.  That's pretty big.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Zombicide Custom Character 4 (and 5)

Ok folks, today's update includes one character.  He doesn't have a name.  Simply because he's designed to be run as a "non-unique".  He is designed to be run in tandem with another of himself.

I guess you could call him "the Twins"

They are identical in stats, because you print out two of the card and go with it.

He starts with the special equipment card "Riot Shield".  When he has it equipped in his hand, he gains the "toughness" skill.  AND since he's a Riot Cop, he also gains the "knockback" skill:

Knockback:  This character can attempt a knock back as an action.   Roll a 3+ and you are able to push one walker or runner out of the current zone.  This cannot be done on a fatty or abomination unless the "Phalanx" skill is in force.

He has two new skills at the red level:

Riot Shield Expertise:  This skill allows the character to use the "knock back" against a second Walker or Runner as long as the Riot Shield is equipped in hand.

Phalanx:  if the survivor is in the same zone as another with this skill, an action can be used to use knock back on a Zombie dog, fatty or abomination.  This requires the use of two actions instead of one, to indicate the team effort from both Riot Cops.  Riot Shield Expertise cannot be combined with this skill.

if he can get there, he's a defense master.  Alongside his twin, they can push a lot of zombies away from the team so that the rest of the team can kill them without danger.

Let me know what you think!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Zombicide Custom Police Character 3

Here is Number 3...

Officer Poncherello patrols his beat with his trusty Motorcycle.  When he was responding to a traffic accident and found everyone dead, he called in the ambulance.  However, the radio on his bike was not working.  All he got was static.   Then he noticed that the people in the cars were not dead, they were moving...  but one looked strange!  His jaw was hanging down and he had a piece of glass in his neck...

Poncerello immediately gets +1 to die roll in combat to indicate his ability with a gun.  Once he gets to Orange, he becomes better.  he can either gain the same ability he has in blue again, or add more dice to his ranged combat.  Red makes him sicker.  adding in +1 die again, or +1 dice roll ranged.   

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Zombicide Custom Character #1 Take 2....

Ok.  I've named all of the cops in my police squad.   They are not meant to be humorous survivors, but rather a good team that works well together, with skills that compliment, or downright necessary to each other.

First up is Officer Toody....

And his partner, Office Muldoon.

Each Patrolman has similar skills, yet have uniqueness as well.  Toody gets better with ranged combat because with the pose of the figure, I gave him +1 to die ranged and +1 to Die combat.. Coupled with either Max range or Sniper, he's a great force.   Muldoon has the same abilities, except he gets +1 dice to ranged and +1 free combat action, so he can hit more targets at range.  he shines when you again, at red level can add either +1 max ranger or sniper to his orange abilities

if you can get the "nod" of the names, then hooray for you.  else click here...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Zombicide custom Characters...

It was suggested over on Board Game Geek that I name my survivors... so I am in the process of naming them.  I won't name them for the "Police Squad" characters... except maybe the SGT/Detective...  Stick around...