Saturday, June 8, 2013

Zombicide Custom Police Character 3

Here is Number 3...

Officer Poncherello patrols his beat with his trusty Motorcycle.  When he was responding to a traffic accident and found everyone dead, he called in the ambulance.  However, the radio on his bike was not working.  All he got was static.   Then he noticed that the people in the cars were not dead, they were moving...  but one looked strange!  His jaw was hanging down and he had a piece of glass in his neck...

Poncerello immediately gets +1 to die roll in combat to indicate his ability with a gun.  Once he gets to Orange, he becomes better.  he can either gain the same ability he has in blue again, or add more dice to his ranged combat.  Red makes him sicker.  adding in +1 die again, or +1 dice roll ranged.   

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