Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Zombicide Custom Character 4 (and 5)

Ok folks, today's update includes one character.  He doesn't have a name.  Simply because he's designed to be run as a "non-unique".  He is designed to be run in tandem with another of himself.

I guess you could call him "the Twins"

They are identical in stats, because you print out two of the card and go with it.

He starts with the special equipment card "Riot Shield".  When he has it equipped in his hand, he gains the "toughness" skill.  AND since he's a Riot Cop, he also gains the "knockback" skill:

Knockback:  This character can attempt a knock back as an action.   Roll a 3+ and you are able to push one walker or runner out of the current zone.  This cannot be done on a fatty or abomination unless the "Phalanx" skill is in force.

He has two new skills at the red level:

Riot Shield Expertise:  This skill allows the character to use the "knock back" against a second Walker or Runner as long as the Riot Shield is equipped in hand.

Phalanx:  if the survivor is in the same zone as another with this skill, an action can be used to use knock back on a Zombie dog, fatty or abomination.  This requires the use of two actions instead of one, to indicate the team effort from both Riot Cops.  Riot Shield Expertise cannot be combined with this skill.

if he can get there, he's a defense master.  Alongside his twin, they can push a lot of zombies away from the team so that the rest of the team can kill them without danger.

Let me know what you think!

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