Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Gencon 2015 AAR: Destroy the Zeppelin Sheds

Scenario 1:  HMN1576939  England’s Caproni CA.3 planes, June 1917.
Near the end of the Zeppelin Bombings of London, the British had two Caproni Ca.3 Bombers on loan from Italy, complete with their bomber crews.  They were stationed there for this mission, to destroy the Zeppelin Yard in Dusseldorf.  Two Caproni CA.3s and three escort planes head across the channel to destroy the sheds. 

Scenario 1:  HMN1576939  Defense of the Dusseldorf Zeppelin Factory, June, 1917
                Wire has come in informing that the British are flying towards the Dusseldorf Zeppelin factory.   Drive them away from the factory and do not let them destroy it.  We are staging our Gotha Bombers there for a raid on England next month.  Several have already arrived and have been hidden inside the sheds.

The Germans got wind of the British flying in to attempt to destroy the Zeppelin Sheds at Dusseldorf.  Scrambling some of the Flying Circus, the Germans attempt to stop the British from their bombing run.

 The bombers and their escorts get into position for the run, while being harassed by the circus.

A very unlucky German gets caught in between two bombers and an escort.  He didn't survive.

A German setting up for a flyby, opens up his guns on the bomber...

Kill Shot!  A bullet hits one of the bombs in the payload and it explodes, raining fiery debris over the countryside.

The pilot of the bomber didn';t line up right for a bomb run, he's got to now circle around for another pass.

German Aces chase after the British bomber.

Another look from behind a German plane.

The Bomber is still trying to circle to get a good run at the sheds.  not one bomb has dropped yet.  German planes surround him, the escorts are no match.

The killing shot, ends the attempt at bombing the sheds.  The Germans are successful at keeping the Gothas stations inside the sheds a secret for next month's raid on London.

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