Monday, July 8, 2013

Adventure on the high seas!

Yep, the party finally got back together after several months of other commitments forcing the group to not play D&D...

We skip ahead where the party was thrown in jail for the burning down of a small town, one that they last visited for adventures.  They eventually found out that they didn't do it.  it was their companion.... Richard.

Yes, THAT Richard.

I included him a while back as a bit of comedy relief for the group.  Turns out, he's quite fun.  Well, he sent the group on thier next quest.  the "Quest for the Jade Skull"...  He said that and waited with dramatic pause for the music to play.  He repeated the statement and waited again.  He pulled a character to the side and said it a third time, this time he made the music himself...  "Dun. Dun. Duuuuuuunnnnn...."

It's rumored to be a skull made entierly of Green Jade.  it's large and in the Decaying Mountains.  Well, the party has to get three, get the skull and come back.  Too bad it's full of poison clouds and Acid rain.

Well the group had to travel the high seas to get there.  Ok, actually, just travel on a boat across the river to a port to get there.  but the port is about 200 miles away and would take two days to get there.   You can Ask the fighter if he's got his sea legs... and if he likes water.  AND if he'll wear his full plate armor while travelling by boat.

Oh and bar fights are always fun.  Ask the fighter about that too.  Crit mug to the HEAD!

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