Wednesday, November 13, 2013

X-Wing.. the tabletop minis game....

Well, I've had this game for a month or so.  I've wanted to try it out, but to no avail.  lots of other things on my plate that I could not handle setting aside an hour to learn the rules.

Well, I finally get around to it.

I played with the starter box only.  1 x-wing and two ties.   For my first game, I started with a simple Red Squadron Pilot, and for his enemies, Obsidian Squadron and Black Squadron TIES.   Not a bad match-up.

The rules are fairly simple to deal with.  if you've played Wings of War/Glory, you'll pick up on this quick.

the battle went decently, with the x-wing losing his shields pretty quick.  One shot from a TIE, damaged his shields, and the other tie, followed and took them out fully.   The Black Squadron Pilot was taken out pretty easily.  The TIE was at extreme range, but the extra defense die didn't help.  three hits on the dice got around anything he had rolled for defense.  One was a critical, where one of the thrusters caught fire and then blew.

The obsidion pilot was a bit more difficult.  The x-wing could not land a shot, only grazing once.  The TIE kept on his tail most of the time, he couldn't shake him.  Finally, a turn happened and the tide shifted so that the x-wing could take a shot or two... but this also allowed the TIE to take a shot.  which he did.

The xwing already had two hits and no shields left.  the TIE scored two hits, both were crits.  Since the ship only needed one to take out the ship, it was overkill.   the two crits were  "blinded pilot" and "injured pilot".  so the TIE basically sent a laser bolt through the cockpit and out the other side, vaping him.
All in all, it was fun.   I can't wait to get my Falcon set up and try the 4 TIES against him...  like the scene from the movie of Han escaping the Death Star...

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