Friday, November 15, 2013

X-Wing Round 2...

Fantasy Flight Games made a pretty good game here.  I just did a battle where Luke took on one TIE Bomber and two Academy Pilots in TIEs.  Man, what a battle.   The bomber has a thick hull and takes a lot of hits.  He concentrated on the bomber first, per the mission of getting rid of the bomber before he could drop his payload.

That's when the bomber's escorts converged on Luke.  The statement "I can't shake him!"  holds true.   These TIEs can maneuver so easily and quick, along with their barrel roll, are mighty unstoppable, as the can get out of range, get out of firing arc, or just stick on your back peppering your shields until they fail.   Good thing Luke had R2 with him... R2 was able to keep giving Luke his shields back, but in the end, just not enough.  a super short tight turn and barrel roll, caused a TIE to lance Luke's ship with three hits, knocking the shields down again, and sending the last crit into the ship, splitting the hull in two.

Yea, it's fun.

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