Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A beast is born.....

Yes, news about my Wings of Glory realistic maps has taken a back burner.. a slow go as it were.   This was due in majority to the fact that my machine at home is an archaic old monster from 2006.  It couldn't browse its way out of a paper bag.  Not to mention the death-like debilitating virus it got that wiped a lot of core windows files (like calc.exe).

Well, as a mad scientist would cackle, I had purchased the parts and laid them out on my table.  I took them and pieced together a monster.  machine that glows red when running.  A machine with a terabyte of hard drive space, 32 GIG of ram, 8 processors to quickly bring imagery to life...

Then I found out about 32 bit limitations...  and a program that fixes them called  Large Address aware.  this allows a 32 bit program to use more than 2 gig ram.    From a machine that could only bring in a 3k x 6k image... and not be able to duplicate it, to a machine that can bring in a 10k x 10x image and duplicate it 9 times.   To put that into perspective... the 10k x 10k image  is about 5 foot square.  so I can make a big enough section of the western front that you won't need anything else.

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