Saturday, April 20, 2013

A day of mourning....

It is a say day indeed...  

My character in WazHack died.   My greatest character so far.  He had hit the bottom of the dungeon and was about to take on the final boss when a Balor came down and took his life.  He didn't stand a chance, since the balor had brought friends AND he had just finished taking out a "Battle Lich".

His stats:

14th level    STR 20  DEX 15  CON 15  INT 17  WIZ 16  CHA 16

His stats were due in large part to a +5 Helm of Brilliance.   and a couple of "gain ability" potions.

He weilded a Bastard Sword of Invisibility, wore a Roman Armor suit of Slow Digestion, and had 15 wands on him.   The wands were of varying type, from death wands, to magic missile wands.  Carrying scrolls and books, he had more things mage-like than fighter like.

In the end, he was two rooms away from the Dragon...  at 3100 feet down.

A sad day indeed.   (and no screenshots to prove it since it was on my tablet.

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