Thursday, October 16, 2014

Zombicide Game Night Kit 2

I ordered this on Monday, it showed on Wednesday!  Groovy...

Oh Smashing, groovy, yay capitalism!

Even though I've not played in quite a while, I really like the game.  I've got everything, thanks to a little gencon visit!

Here's the unboxing:

Shall we shag now, or shall we shag later?  How do you like to do it?  Do you like to wash up first?  You know, top and tails... whore's bath?  personally, before I'm on the job, I like to give my undercarriage and bit of "how's your father"!

And then you have Austin's Closeup....

Do I make you Horny?  Randy?  Do I make you horny baby, yeah, do I?

And a closeup of his stats, both versions.

You see, I was looking for Dr. Evil when the Fembots came out and smoke started coming out of their jomblies, so I started to work my mojo to counter their mojo, we got cross-mojulation and their heads started exploding.

Reaper: Melee must be his ability to use his Mojo to stop a room...

I shagged her rotten baby, yeah!

Oh yea.  pretty awesome.  Can't wait to try him out in a crowded room of zombies!  But until then:

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