Thursday, May 14, 2015

A surprise on my doorstep!

I came home today to find a wonderful surprise on my doorstep...

The banner map had arrived!


It came in a box.

A rectangular box.

that wasn't 3 foot tall.

that was split in two and taped together.

I sliced open the box to get at the map inside and low and behold....

A folded banner.

A badly folded banner.

a badly folded banner that wound up being badly creased.

a badly folded banner that was badly creased and thin.

This thin, badly folded and creased banner was printed badly.  the print was blurry and pixellated.    The image had print lines on it throughout, as if they needed to clean their print heads.


So.. now I have to scramble to find a better place.  all because I thought that "banners on the cheap"  might actually be decent.

So now I have a badly folded and creased blurry pixellated map of england that came in a not quite 3-foot tall box that was split in two and taped together....

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