Thursday, June 18, 2015

Gencon and Ares Games

Ok folks, it's official.  I will be at GenCon this year. My map will be making it's official debut there.   I will be playing two scenarios on my map.  The parts I am playing on are going to be 5&9 and 12&16.  If you'd like to see the coastline up close and personal, The coastline will be divided into two parts, 1,2,5 & 6 and 3,4,7 & 8.   these two 6 foot by 10 foot sections will be showcased at the Ares booth.  So stop by and have some fun!

UPDATE:  My games at Gencon are almost full.  There are three slots left for the Friday game, to destroy the Zepplin Sheds.

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