Friday, March 15, 2013

Zombicide... House rules...

I can't believe I didn't post them here before now.  These are my house rules that I've used.  they help to make the game a bit more fun.  they are not needed, but are fun none-the-less:

LingSter’s House Rules for Zombicide!

LOOT:           When a survivor falls, you have one turn to loot the body.  To loot, you must first clear off any zombies in the fallen survivor’s zone.  Then using an action, you can loot the body and take one item off the body.  You can only loot once per body.  On the zombies turn, the fallen survivor is replaced with a walker zombie.

OVERWATCH:      This action can be taken when a zombie does an attack action in the survivor’s zone.  He is able to do one combat action.  A survivor that takes this action forfeits his next turn.   OR he forfeits two actions this turn to do this action.  And only one survivor per zone can be on overwatch.

ABOMINIATION:              The Abomination has the ability to open doors.  When following sound, he will take the shortest route, this includes going through closed doors.  He takes one action to smash in a door, thereby rendering the door permanently open.  This action takes place before any other zombie actions.

RANGED COMBAT:         If you fire in a zone that has survivors in it, a “miss” means that you hit the survivor.  OR a “1” on ranged hits the survivor, OR a miss on a zombie rerolls to see if the survivor gets hit.

AXES and CHAINSAWS:  These permanently open doors.  They cannot be closed again.
FLASHLIGHTS:      These negate the “Ahhh! Zombie” cards.  Flashlights also illuminate zones during night missions, but only line of site into an adjacent zone.  If no flashlight is held, then you can only target in the same zone.

SCOPE:          This allows night vision into any zone the rifle can shoot into.

NOISE:          If the noise counters in a zone exceed 9, an Abominiation appears.  If an abomination is already on the game board, a second one appears, provided you have the extra miniature.  This spawns at the nearest spawn point.  If you have no more abominations, a fatty with his walker friends appears.

NO MORE ZOMBIES:  If you run out of a given type of zombie to spawn, place half the number (round down, min of 1) of a higher type in the following order:  WALKER, FATTY, RUNNER, and ABOMINATION.  If you have no more zombies of any type, no more spawn, AND they all get one extra turn (max 1 per round).

DEATH: At the end of the turn (after zombie spawns) after a survivor dies they return as a zombie. Depending on how far along they were they become either a Walker (Blue), Fatty (Yellow), Runner (Orange), or Abomination (Red). 

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  1. All great ideas. I particularly like the ranged combat mod. Thanks