Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zombicide Season 2 Kickstarter: The final 4 day Stretch!

Holy Frak this is getting HUGE!!!

Zombicide Season 2 Kickstarter Final 4 Days!

And since they didn't update the main page...

Latest updates for said kickstarter... including 8 new survivors!!!

Kasper made the list here:

What Season 2 Kickstarter is broken down to

Here is the basics of what we get in Toxic City Mall
·        4 mall-themed reversible game tiles 
·        43 miniatures including 4 new survivors in their human and zombivor versions, 29 Toxic Zombies miniatures and the Zombivor versions of Season 1 survivors. 
·        28 Equipment cards
·        Tokens to improve your missions, such as barricades and rubble coming in two sizes to block paths and maximize the tactical aspects of your missions.
·        New rules and game modes such as Zombivor rules, how to play dead, and Ultrared mode to reach superheroic levels and use the marvelous Ultrared weapons.

     Expected MSRP - $50
     And Prison Break:

      ·        9 brand new, reversible, prison-themed, game tiles
      ·        90 miniatures including 6 survivors in both their human and “zombivor” versions, with 78 zombies including berzerker zombies
      ·        New equipment cards such as baseball bats, shotguns, katana, concrete saws and even gunblades... 
      ·        Tokens to customize your missions: doors of various size, objectives, switches, barbwire, observation towers, and a security gate meant to rotate on the board to change the way you move around the prison corridors! 

Expected MSRP - $100
Thats a total of 133 miniatures and 20 zombie dogz, before the stretch goals...    Which are:

·        7x new survivors (Brad, Thaissa, Kirk, Aunt Rose, Ralph, Gary, and Achille)
·        7x new zombivore (Brad, Thaissa, Kirk, Aunt Rose, Ralph, Gary, and Achille)
·        6x Companion Dogs
·        8x Walkers
·        4x Berserker Walkers
·        4x Toxic Walkers 
·        4x additional Runners
·        2x additional Toxic Runners
·        2x additional Berserker Runners
·        2x additional Fatties
·        1x additional Toxic Fatty
·        1x additional Berserker Fatty 
·        1x additional Toxic Abomination
·        1x additional Berserker Abomination
·        1x additional Abomination (season 2)
·        2x Skull trackers
·        2x new set of dice (red and orange) 
·        1x First player skull 
·        (and a new sculpt for a walker, runner, fatty, and abomination for Prison Outbreak).
·        And a Survivor / Zombivore version of Dakota, Fred, Lea, Rick, Adriana, Will, Ross, Gary, and  Helen if you pay an additional 10$ for each.

So thats an extra 13 minis of survivors/zombivores (+18 for 90$, +12 for 45$), 6 dogs, 31 zombies and various bits and pieces.

Grand total of 203 (+30 optional) figures

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