Thursday, April 23, 2015

English Coastline... This Is My FINAL Answer.

Ok folks, if you're here reading this, you've been waiting for this moment for several months if not years for this moment....   May I present to you THE map...  Complete, I'm not changing things, it's good, fini, etc. etc.

Oh wait... that's the ORIGINAL Image...      Let's try this one:

Put these two images side by side and you'll see why it took 2 years to complete.  The above is the original unedited map.  The bottom is the edited map.  Here's a list of things I did to the map it's not all inclusive, I did lots more to it that I'm listing here.

1.  Removal of all 20th century giant power lines.  You know the type, the stand 100ft tall, made of metal and look like they could jolt you with 1.21 Gigawatts.

2.  Adding forests

3.  Sending the waterfront to a guy I know on the Aerodrome forums who goes by the handle PrivateBuzz.  He fixed the waterfornt and made it look great.

4.  Expanding the right city some, to make a bigger target.

5.  Added a Coal Power plant as a target... It's actually the one in my backyard... oh and my backyard and house is also on the map  :)

6.  Added Stow Maries Airfield, last known intact airfield, as it stood back in 1916...

7.  The Cardington Zepplin Sheds.

8.  A factory, a building that is part of Xerox, over in Webster.  Looked good enough to be a nice target.

9.  A railway wandering through the map, complete with several rail stations.

10.  The Charlotte Hojack Rail bridge.  This bridge is long gone, one of the last known to exist, Originally it was a swing bridge that allowed trains to cross the river.

All in all, plenty of targets on the map.  Each 3x5 section has several targets to choose from, many are in the middle of the map, or at least, not too close to the edge, so that it'd prove difficult to turn around after bombing.

This map is going to the printers this weekend for a test print.  if the place I've chosen printed good enough, then I will print more of it.  here is a breakdown of the differnt variations of the map you could get.  In order from top to bottom:  Four 3x5ft sections, Two 3x10ft sections, Two 6x5ft sections

As always, let me know what you think!

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