Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Gencon and... The LingSter...

Well, it's that time of year again.  Time to start planning Gencon trip.  I was originally NOT going to go this year, but Ares Games sent out a call to arms.  They wanted people to run some games for them at Gencon to help promote their game.    I felt that I could give it a good college try!

After the initial contact, the person from Ares, Jim, contacted me and said he would love to see an event run on my map, AND that they would love a copy for the booth to run demos on.   So here we are... planning the trip.  My wife is most likely going with me as she cannot stay at home with her present condition with her ALS.  I love that woman for everything she does for me.

Anywhoo...  back to this.  I've gotten the map pretty close to satisfaction, and I have to split it apart and get a print of one section to see how good it looks.  if it looks good, then I will get it printed.  I might even think about selling the map.  who knows.

I've created a couple bombing missions for my two events.  One bombing England, one bombing Germany.

There is more news to follow including scenario rules/guidelines/ and such.   I am providing all materials for the game, all planes.  Yes, I have that much.

Until we meet:

The air was our element, the sky our battlefield. The majesty of the heavens, while it dwarfed us, gave us, I think, a spirit unknown to sturdier men who fought on earth. Nobility surrounded us. We moved like spirits in an airy loom, where wind and cloud and light wove day and night long the endless fabric of the changing sky. 

- Cecil Lewis WWI Fighter pilot.

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