Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Highway 85...

Over the past month or two, I've been working on a custom tile set for Zombicide.  This tile set is based on Highway 85, the highway that Rick Grimes, Dale, Glenn, Shane, and the rest come upon a traffic jam and can't take the Winnebago any further.  Granted, it's based on the scene, and not accurate at all.  Glenn's charger wasn't there.  the canopy wasn't open on the Winnebago, and other stuff.  Each tile represents a small section of the road.  There are 19 tiles in all, you can combine them to form any size road you wish, AND they can be combined with the original tiles and other custom tiles.  Here is the contact sheet.

The tiles are not ready yet.  I still have a little more work to do on them, like getting them imported into the map maker.  Once that's complete and I'm satisfied that they are good, I will release them.   Here's a little bit about the tiles.  


The one on the left is a road tile.  It uses a pattern worked up by Miah Terry, alias miah999 on boardgamegeek.com   The zones are broken apart by the crosswalk lines, and the lane lines.  So the white dashed lines, and the crosswalks are zone dividers.  Also, the concrete barrier in the middle of the tile is another zone line.  You can see near the light poles a slightly lighter color to keep the sidewalk likes going, even into the blacker part of the road.  Manholes are also present.    

On the right is a road edge tile. You see that the zones are still broken up by sidewalk likes, but since there isn't a sidewalk on grass, I had to make it a different coloring, so I just made them more like dirt.  The zone barrier on this type of tile is also the guardrail.so, zones stop at the guardrail, AND the sidewalk lines here.

Here is a look at how the tiles fit with the original tiles:

I'd say they fit nicely huh?  With the two corner tiles, the zone edges are further enhanced by counting the edge of the sidewalk, like it was the against the edge of a building.

So, we're getting there.  I'm nearing completion of the 19 tiles and hope to have them out for Christmas.  OK,  Christmas and zombies don't exactly go together do they..?  Yes they do!

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