Thursday, November 15, 2012

The beginning... of customization.

My First foray into customizing games was really D&D, where you make your own adventure for your players to run through.  But my real first attempt at customizing a game was with the old original Grand Theft Auto.  Back in the late 90s there was an editor that you could use to import your own creations of cars into the game to improve the look of the game.  I was able to take a 64 pixel square block of color and turn it into something very cool and recognizable.

This is just one that came out of that time-frame:

If you're still into playing that game, as well as it's sequel GTA London, you can get my cars from here:  Get That Azzhole?

Pretty slick huh?   Back in the day I made these cars, I was one of the top 5 car designers in the world.  It's a label that I'm proud of, and a community that was very tight knit.  10 years later, the community is still there and the cars are still being made; even though some have moved on to other pursuits.  GTA has grown so big... they are on version 8 or 9 now(counting all the "sequels" to GTA3), but they call it GTA V.

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