Friday, November 16, 2012

People still play D&D...

It was during the later days of car designing that I met a wonderful woman that became my wife.  Cindy is a wonderful woman that I love sharing my life with.  That along with having a son is another story that can be told later.  This is about D&D....

After the GTA thing, I moved into more D&D, deciding on the creation of a "home-brew" world that I could send my role playing group through.  That world was Valla Moor.  I built it from the ground up, and I was a bit slower than that 7 day record we would all aspire to.   I'm still building the world, adding more into it as the fancy strikes.  I've got the home city/town fleshed out, mapped out to a 1 to 1 scale for miniatures use.  I use a program called Dundjinni.  It's a wonderful map making tool that makes it easy to build maps for just about anything role playing wise.  That town, if I printed it out to scale of the minis, would be 12 FEET by 14 FEET.  it's awesome...

Each grid square on that map is a 1 inch square, that gives you how massive this 12 foot map would be.  A man with a screenname of Hylas helped me with this project by creating a lot of these buildings that I used.

The hometown is called Csighd.   It's not quite been destroyed by the various players that have called it home.  It's been invaded, burned, taken over, etc. etc.  all in the name of Hextor.  He's the ruler of the world and has the people subjugated for almost a thousand years.  Undead abound, Elves are slaves, evil rules, and the heroes are considered rebels.  It's a fun and different take on things.  D&D always fuels the imagination.

Always remember.... People Still Play D&D

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  1. Yeah, people do. Some of them play while using your town! Awesome map guy. Found you on Dundjinni forums, tracked you to here.