Monday, November 26, 2012


Ok, the latest craze has infected us all.   It's Zombies... From the TV show Walking Dead, to video games, to board games.  Zombies are interesting and dare I say, improbable.  but it's that kind of apocalyptic stuff that fuels the fun...   Enter Zombicide.

I found this game while browsing a site called Kickstarter.  It's a website that allows you to do something called crowd funding for your idea of a new game, photo gallery, miniatures, etc. etc.  If you've got an idea for a product, Kickstarter might be the way to go to get funding.  So far, I've only done two.  Zombicide and The Bear.   One of those subjects is for talking about here.    The other is a children's book for my son.

Dead Inside
The basic set contains: -
71 models
6 Survivors
40 Walkers
16 Runners
8 Fatties
1 Abomination
9 Double Sided Game Tiles
110 Mini-Cards
42 Zombie Cards
62 Equipment Cards
6 Wounded Cards
6 Survivor Cards
70-plus Tokens
6 Zombicide Dice (with Skulls, Molotov’s and Bullet Holes!)

This is what the minis look like when unpainted. Someday, I plan on painting them up. In the kickstarter, you were able to get the Abomination set, which then adds a further 30 or so zombie models and a few of the bonus survivors. Also 6 black and red dice and 6 glow-in-the-dark dice. None of these are essential for the game but they sure are nice to have. The bonus survivors are modeled after several movie characters, but not named like them. not-Sheldon, not-Machete and not-John Maclane. Also, I picked up not-The Bride for Kill Bill and not-Jules from Pulp Fiction. The kickstarter also included not-Chuck Norris and certainly not-Bruce Campbell. I played the game several times by myself to get familiar with it. The game runs in a couple hours depending on the scenario you play. I myself like to just set the board up, come up with a scenario myself and play. I've also done up some house-rules for the game as well, since some rules i don't care for. That gets me to my next idea... customizing the game. Yea, I like the game as is... but sometimes... you want to drive a volkswagon, instead of the pimp mobile. Or drive a tank instead of the cop car. I started making custom car tiles for the game. In fact, here is the links to the following:

 And for the first time ever, I introduce my newest pack of cars based on the Walking Dead TV Show:

 Now you see how that works? I am going to release any custom stuff I do right here. So keep an eye on this space for more new stuff... like my custom gameboard tiles for Zombicide.... They are ready for release... and I will sneek peek them now: Here is Highway 85.....

More to come... Really soon...

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