Saturday, November 24, 2012

Use the Force....

In 2004, Wizards of the Coast came out with a new skirmish game set in the Star Wars Universe.  This game detailed the heroes and armies of the universe vying for control of a board.  The last person standing, or had the most points at the end of the round won.  This is just s picture of some of them.

If you want to see what was produced during the reign of the game, go here:  John Ling's Star Wars Miniatures at Rebel Scum  Ok, that's a plug.  Those minis pictured are the ones I bought throughout the games time.  every single one shown there I have.  Every set, every mini, many in multiples for army reasons. I mean, I have over 300 stormtroopers alone.   My Imperial Army is one that numbers close to a 700.  Stormtroopers, Snowtroopers, guards, Vaders, etc. etc.

I started customizing the game by making my own maps ans scenarios   One was the Hoth battle.  I created the map of the base, and then made an event that everyone could play.  It's neat seeing the ATATs tromping down the field....

The play field was big.

The other scenario I made was the end of Episode 1, the Theed Palace attack on Naboo.    That map set of 4 maps measured in at about 8 feet across.  I don't have any pictures of it right now since I can't find my CD of the maps, and all on-line resources of the game are slowly disappearing.

The game is fun, will always be fun, and the minis server another purpose with the role-playing game if I ever wanted to RP there.   I always seem to go back to the RP side of things don't I.


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  2. I was wondering if you have found your map files for your Hoth scenario? I'd love to see them.