Monday, December 17, 2012

D&D Weekend

On Saturday, I sat down behind the screen, the first time in a long while.  I was a little bit rusty, but made it out ok.  My adventure planned was short, as I didn't know how fast the group would get through it.  Luckily, I could wing a little bit near the end.

The group fought Kobolds, the vile little reptilians that cause panic wherever they go.  Shier numbers are massive, yet their strength is weak.   they scare easily . Prone to fleeing the fight instead of staying for the slaughter.   In the end, the group found a baby black dragon.  It seems that the drow of the group has gotten to be friends with the dragon.  We'll see just how far along the creature goes with them, and how tolerant he is of the rest of the group.

I also introduced a special character to the group that might make appearances from time to time, or just might hang around just to be the comedy part of things.  His name is Richard.
  Only three players of the group know who this guy is and what he's about.  He's from a web-comic called Looking For Group  It's a great comic with lots of humor.  He's a Necromancer ad funnyman.  I don't want him to detract from the overall enjoyment of the game, but yet, he's already had some greay funny moments. Like when the drow chained him up and had his stay behind, somehow, he miraculously had unchained himself and was following the cleric around, right next to him, rubbing his shoulders during the combat and giving words of encouragement.   But when the drow saw him, he was still chained up.

We'll see if the group likes him and wants some comedy relief from time to time....

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