Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Walk of the Dead....

Zombicide Scenerio 1

Phil’s been running for quite some time now, alone desperate to find some meaning in this world.  Ever since he woke up in that hospital bed, and found he was alone, he’s been searching for an answer.  He’s seen some strange things so far, but none stranger than the dead walking.  He had heard from another survivor that there was a safe-house downtown that everyone was going to.  Perhaps his family had gone there.

Survivors used here:  Phil (starts in the street starting square and with a pistol), Josh, Wanda and Doug start in the building.  This building is clear.  Josh starts with a bat, Wanda starts with a pistol, and Doug starts with a crowbar.
Blue Objective:         Token can only be picked up once you enter the middle circle of the tank.  Once Phil picks up the blue objective token, he receives a shotgun, and can use the tank’s top mounted machine gun.  The blue doors then become unlocked and can be opened normally.
Supplies:       The blue doors are locked until Phil gets to the tank* and the center circle.  The rest of the team can search this building as normal.  Josh, Wanda and Doug need to find one supply each. 
Phil:    Once the doors are unlocked to the building, then everyone needs to get to the exit.  Phil cannot move out of the tank until the rest of the group gets to it.  They do not need to enter the tank; they just need to be in the zone the tank is in.

*This scenario requires the tank tile from my walking dead vehicle pack.  

Be on the lookout for scenario 2, where they must "get outta town".  This features the start of my new tiles.

Yes, you DID notice that this is similar to "The Walking Dead" comic book and TV Series where Rick (Phil)  gets trapped in the tank and Glenn (Josh) has to rescue him.  Amy(Andrea) and Doug(just an extra).    


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