Thursday, December 27, 2012

Heroes of the Sky...

Back in 1914, the First World War started.  Shortly after, airplanes were used to scout out enemy positions.  Then someone decided that putting machine guns on them was prudent.  The game called Wing Of Glory is a tabletop war game of WWI air combat.  Series 5 recently came out and has Early War planes that were used in the earliest part of the air war.

This is the entire series 5.  3 different paint jobs per plane.

Fokker E.III/A.III
Halberstadt D.III
Airco DH2
Morane-Saulnier Type N

Each plane represents a different pilot from the war.  Some of the very famous pilots, like in this series, you have the German Immelmann, the inventor of said maneuver.  It's where a plane does a "loopty loop" up and around.

Ares Games makes these and other miniatures, including WWII planes, and even some other games.  Check them out here:  Ares Games

And check out here for all the WWI planes that have been released under the Wings of Glory Banner.  (Wings Of War planes are the same, but when the game was owned by a different company)

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