Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Zombicide Custom Map Clarifications

Soon to be released as part of my next scenario for Zombicide, is the map pictured below.  I wanted to show it off and do some clarifications.  My tiles line up nicely, but I wanted to do some clarification on the zones of the map.  Zones are easy to see on my tiles:

The blue areas are zones, you can see the areas that break the zones apart.  sidewalk lines, and the black pavement areas.  You can also see on the map shown above that there is a brown sidewalk line in the grass. that also separates the zones.

 Here is the map from The Walk of the Dead Scenario 2:  Get Outta Town.

On this map I've highlighted several areas with light blue and green.   The zones highlighted showcase the intersection and how it works for the map.  A quick look at the map shows that the three zones in the intersection would connect to the two zones in the wide road.  However, this is not the case.  The green highlighted zone can only be gotten to by the two blue ones on each side of it.  you have to enter a blue zone on the side of the green to be able to move down the road into the other blue zone.   Yes, you can enter the zones in the road by going through the grass.  You cannot go from the green zone up the map towards the exit without going through one of the blue zones on either side.

Hope this helps.   If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here.   I will be more than happy to answer them.   You can also make requests.

Yes, My scenarios are based upon the Walking Dead TV show and comic book.  If you want me to build a scenario based on a scene from the show, let me know.  I might be able to make an accommodation, providing that I've not passed that episode of the show.   As a side note, I'm only using the basic characters from the zombicide game, as well as the kickstarter promo figures.

Rick = Phil
Amy = Michonne
Josh = Glenn
Doug = ?
Ned = Dale
Wanda = Andrea
El Cholo = Daryl
Nick = Shane
Eva or Claudia = Maggie
Marvin = Tyreese
Dave = ?

If you can, help me to fill out who's who.

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  1. Hello Johnny,

    thx for the tiles. They look nice. I suremy will use it in the future.
    If you want I have a Daryl caracter already done. I can't find it back right now but here's a picture of it uncomplete ;

    If you want, I can find it back for U.
    Also, his blue skill is to start with the crossbow wich is quite nice in the beginning of the mission :

    There's different version of it on the net. I like the idee of needing a reload action before shooting again in the same turn. And I found one wich you could combine with the scoop.

    So thx again and tell me if you want it. I can scan it for you !