Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NEW Custom Zombicide tiles.... and a question...

Ok, I am invariably going to be asked how the zones work on my new tiles....

Here is three of the new tile set, sitting on a map I'm making to co-inside with the release of the tile set.   First off, the sidewalk lines that show in the grass as dirt are zone edges.  Pretty standard.   The black asphalt along the edge of the road is also a zone edge, similar to the sidewalk itself, which is also a zone edge.  The black asphalt in the middle of the road, next to the concrete barrier is also a zone edge.  The big question will be the road itself.

How should I proceed?  Should I make the zone the area between the black and the sidewalk lines?  Or should I split the zones so that the dividing line between lanes is also a zone?  Your thoughts on this are encouraged....  I'm leaning towards the zone being between sidewalk lines and the black asphalt    AND because my lines on the road-end tile (LI1)  don't match zombicide tiles, I have to come up with special ruling on that zone or "zones"

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