Thursday, December 20, 2012

Zombicide Custom Map Tiles Set 1

Ok, the delay has been long enough.  I am now releasing my first Zombicide Custom Map Pack.   This consists of 19 various tiles depicting a highway.  In this case, I'm depicting Highway 85

Over the past month or two, I've been working on a custom tile set for Zombicide.  This tile set is based on Highway 85, the highway that Rick Grimes, Dale, Glenn, Shane, and the rest come upon a traffic jam and can't take the Winnebago any further.  Granted, it's based on the scene, and not accurate at all.  Glenn's charger wasn't there.  the canopy wasn't open on the Winnebago, and other stuff.  Each tile represents a small section of the road.  There are 19 tiles in all, you can combine them to form any size road you wish, AND they can be combined with the original tiles and other custom tiles.  Here is the contact sheet.

Graphics for this tile set come from a variety of sources.  Most notably is the Dundjinni Art fourms, of which I'm a long standing member and collaborator of.  Also, Miah Terry, of boardgamegeek fame as well.   Here's his blog if you want to visit.  He also makes custom Zombicide stuff that is quite fantastic.  Tell him I sent you!

Inside the MASSIVE 84 meg zip file are all these tiles, the contact sheet, a read me about printing them and a PDF of clarifications to the tiles in case you can't understand the zoning laws.  I mean seriously, how hard is it to not walk on your neighbor's lawn?  That's what Zoning Laws are for.  To keep you off my lawn.  I've got a shotgun and I'm Clint Eastwood from Gran Torino. Get Off My Lawn.

Anyway... enjoy these tiles, and don't forget to leave feedback here if you like them.  The more feedback I get the more likely it is that I will continue my pursuit of creating tile sets depicting Woods, Herschel's Farm, a prison, etc. etc.   Zombicide map making program zip file coming soon...

Oh, and I think you need a link to the tile set huh?   Ok, here it is.

REMEMBER, the Zombicide tiles are printed at 25 Centimeters in size. Your local print store will be able to help.


  1. Thanks! I've got more projects like this in the works. Stay tuned for sneak peeks, previews, and the like!

  2. your link for the zip files isn't working. The "box" website has 2 download buttons and neither opens the file.