Monday, December 10, 2012

Valla Morr

OK, so my group wants me to DM.  I've dusted off the old campaign world of Valla Morr.  I've talked about that place already.  Hextor rules, elves as slaves, etc.etc.

The group wants to run as if their characters are not privy to the info that hextor is evil and needs to be overthrown.  So a quandary takes hold.  Eventually they will learn this, but I need to create adventures with evil and hextorian based in mind.

I've got tiles, I've got maps,  I went through my minis and trimmed down what I would take along to the game.  Now, for the adventure.  We've got many ideas swimming around my head.  I do know that the group is not a mystery solving group.  They are definitely NOT Mystery Inc.   Hack-n-slash and a bit of political intrigue is about right.  A good dose of RP to sweeten the plot, and toss in a curve ball once in a while and wha-la, game on.

We'll see if my dungeon mastering skills have faded or not...

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